Wake Up To 2012 & Beyond - Episode 3

Wake Up Call 2012 and Beyond

Wake Up Call 2012 and Beyond

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In this episode of Wake Up to 2012 & Beyond Lorna Blake continues with part 3 of her interview with special guest Nancy Detweiler.

Nancy is a Bible scholar and former church minister who is well known for writing powerful articles about life and the ascension process on her popular website www.pathwaytoascension.com

In this discussion Nancy identifies several lies we’ve been fed that are being used by religion to control us and shares the true meaning of the kingdom of God is within you.  We discuss how our belief that we have only one life is a form of  brainwashing and a wholesome way to perceive of our loved ones' passing. She shares some steps we can take to break from the chains of religious enslavement.

Nancy is a kind and gentle soul who will help us gain a better understanding of this time we are now living in. She has been a pioneer, bridging the gap between the traditional teachings of the church and the metaphysical meanings of The Bible for over 30 years.

Part three of this interview is very powerful and goes deeper than parts one and two! You will want to tune in and share with your friends!
Nancy Detweiler
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