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Episode 45 - #OperationTerraDistressia or Two Sides Of The Lopsided Sphere

  • Broadcast in Environment
Wake Da Fuq Up

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Global warming AKA climate change is something that we've heard since our infancy is set to destroy the Earth. But how much of that is panicked alarmism, and how much of it is truly rooted in rational science. You turn on the news today and it seems every story that talks about any extreme weather pattern is attributed to man-made climate change. This week it's the drought in California, next week it's El Nino and too much rain in California. How can both be right?

It seems that there are coherent arguments on both sides of the climate change spectrum. How can contradicting weather patterns both be attributed to climate change and if they are how can anything disprove this Theory and if it can't be disproven is it really science?

What seems logical is the fact that humans have gone under the surface to extract carbon rich fossil fuels to use as energy which obviously creates more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which then are disproportionately in the atmosphere when they wouldn't have been otherwise. That much I think is indisputable. Where the climate change deniers seem to differ after this respect is where they say that CO2 does not trap heat or make the Earth's temperature rise. Or they insist that a rise in CO2 is not because of man which I think is nonsense.

Regardless on which side of the argument you fall on, we should all be working towards a zero emissions world. Because regardless if it's causing climate change or not it's indisputable that its pollution and is detrimental to planetary health no matter what. We should also stop deforestation which is basically killing the lungs of the planet. And the United States needs to clean up its own house before it dictates what anybody else should be doing because we are one of the biggest polluters in the world along with China.