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W Dean Shook

W Dean Shook


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Your connection to the signs of the times, You will hear end time updates days before the networks ever pick it up. We watch the process of the last days coming to pass right before our eyes, this show is not for the " thin skinned " !!

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Iranian report: Israeli arms cache found in Saudi embassy in Yemen, Fars News Agency is saying they uncovered US military plans at site, A number of Israeli-manufactured weapons were discovered in the Saudi embassy in Sana'a, the Iranian semi-official Fars News Agency reported Saturday, quoting unnamed Houthi sources. Something Else Coming In September: A UN Resolution Establishing A Palestinian State, The bankers Global war on cash.... don't say you wernt warned ! Astana — International experts are investigating the sudden deaths of more than 100,000 endangered saiga antelope in Kazakhstan,
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Who Voted to Bring 33 Million Immigrants North? Did you vote to approve that immigration policy? Did anyone? In fact, the federal government allowed it to happen without any voter input. That's by design. Obama has opened the... more

True Hate Speech: ISIS, The face of Islam, They train in Jihad in a foreign country, They vow to kill all non Muslims, Is your country allowing these Jihad fighters back on your streets? Was this just a business trip for them, NO, your... more

The 20th century taught us very clearly what a world with dictators can be like. It was the bloodiest of all centuries,—because of Hitler and Stalin and Mao. It was bloody not only because of the wars; genocides, Abortion, which is one... more

First, the news of the day, Then Americans need to understand what Islamic Sharia law is and how it effects the People of The United States, Islam requires all people surrender to the Sharia ! When Americans give in to Islam, even... more

Obama's " devide and conquer " plan is in full swing, The Obama adminastation has everyone pitted against everyone ! Obama Accuses Everyone of Racism and Racial Insensitivity: He has a plan that he has studied for years, he has... more

Pedophilia the next 'sexual-rights' revolution? We are going to talk about what may be the greatest moral crisis To date: Once considered taboo, psychologists are beginning to walk down the same path LGBT activists established... more

MUST HEAR: Full Audio of The U.S. Supreme Court arguments regarding ?gay marriage? in a landmark case that divides the issue into two questions. The first is whether ?gay marriage? is mandatory in the United States under the... more

2 U.S. agencies warn on imminent ISIS attack - ISIS Threat Reported in California; Official Denies Threat to LAX - China's sentencing of Christians exploded more than 10,000 percent from 2013 to 2014, according to a new... more

2nd half of the show: False teachers and preachers - Denmark bans bestiality in move against animal sex tourism - Feds keep on stockpiling ammo - Obama gives amnesty to known gang member, ‘Top Model' murder suspect - Pumps... more

**WARNING GRAPHIC** Cartel Chronicles: Gory Executions Continue near Texas Border - FBI huddles over ISIS in Mexico - GOP helps Obama advance global-integration agenda - Supreme Court: Obama Admin Can't Make... more
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