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Your connection to the signs of the times, You will hear end time updates days before the networks ever pick it up. We watch the process of the last days coming to pass right before our eyes, this show is not for the " thin skinned " !!

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The history of wars that brought us to possible world annihilation , a one world leader and a one world system of goverment. NEVER before has the world been able...to have one person control everything.

Six Dead After 7-Y-O Girl Carries Out Suicide Bombing in Nigeria; Boko Haram Is Suspected, Muslim congressman to be booted off key committee?, CNN face: 'I want my kid to be gay, too', Senior State Dept. official arrested for allegedly... more

Judge: Religious expression is not protected by the Constitution , L.A. Times to NRA: Government's ‘Responsibility' To Regulate 2nd Amendment, Atheist Group Forces W. Va. School to Remove Crosses From Memorial Honoring Late... more

McCaul Meets With Islamic Leader Who Says U.S. Muslims Are ‘Above Law Of Land', Birth certificates ask parents if ‘woman giving birth' is female, Justice Dept. could sue Ferguson for racial discrimination, Judge... more

Federal judge halts Obama's amnesty ,Dictator in chief' unleashes newest attack on guns, wants to ban 223 ammo, State called out for giving abortionists unauthorized millions, Spy agencies fund climate research in hunt for weather... more

Black History Month:.....There is a dark, sinister history that began around 100 years ago. It stated out as a pimple on the buttox of America, And Today has grown to a cancer of death and racism that is consuming the lives of a... more

Putin Rejects Attempts to Contain Russia After Peace Talks Fail, - Nuke plants face EMP disaster as feds scramble for quick fix - The Muslim Brotherhood Comes to the White House - Public university spends $16K on campaign to... more

Muslim rape-gang cover-up exposed -, holding federal funds hostage for amnisty, - Security confab focuses on ‘collapse of global order'- Obama's Transformed Middle East Burns - The real culprit in measles outbreak,- Ben... more

http://www.wdeanshook.com A Soros-funded group arguing to replace the U.S. passport with a North American passport, Obama blasted for 'parallel' government, 2 reports of 1ST AMENDMENT UNDER FIRE. Marine locked in... more

http://www.wdeanshook.com ......The world is on a non - stop track to self distruct....Lies, revenge, and a spirit of greed and deception that is global, Can we save ourselfs ? Only with the healing power of God..PRAY, for... more
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