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Vuvuzela! The World Soccer Show


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Stephen Brandt, and Keith Kokinda, bring you every Tuesday night, the only American show on Soccer, without an affiliation, or a foreigner, who will talk about the sport, the issues, and the media. Guests include National Team Players, journalists, and fellow podcasters. Keith's followed/worked in the sport since the 80's. Stephen has worked in media, or club side for years. Currently the go to man on history in the sport for many blogs.

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This week, Michael Maddox talks about writing, and what if USA had won the 1982 WC, Manchester United v Chelsea, Liverpool charging up the table, MLS Rivalry Day, and our normal fun.. Host Stephen Brandt is joined by Simon Allen,... more


all the soccer in the we world....every week!

Stephen has Eric Nash who loves Gareth Bale, Derek Richey, Simon, and Vanessa! We chat on Landon, Simon doesn't like the players from the 90's coaching.

Stephen and Keith are joined by a snow bound Russ Goldman. SImon talks about the EPL, Vannesa Valentine's debut on air with her head coach Tracey. Eric Westover shows up. Fulham is talked about.

Stephen has Graham Wilson and Meg Ryan on about US National Team. We talk on why we don't like Jurgen. Landon Donnovan is gone. We talk about who should replace Jurgen.

Stephen has Derek Richey as the cohost. The Rev is mentioned but misses out because of the train. Talk on MLs, and Spurs.

Stephen is cold. Russ shows up as my cohost. Alicia from The Goat Parade comes on. The Superdraft is talked about. Simon comes on about the Academy System. Keith Kokinda had one of his kids show up on air. The President of the... more

Stephen dedicates the show to his sister, and talks about his future Nep[hew. Derek Richey and Brett Crobitt Talk about Indy Pro Soccer. Simon and Keith Kokinda shows up. LFC V Manchester United. Simon still wants Jose at LFC.

Stephen starts off Season 2. Russ is refered to as the only Derby County fan on show. Eric Westover, our Goalie is on. Simon talks about cheating. Stephen rips the fans again. MLS UK is talked about.