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Join us as we have an in depth discussion about prison life. Our guest Arthor, Shawn Gardner will be giving us insight that most men dont want to talk about concerning prison. This is the show for children and young adults that may need... more

Join the DG Show to discuss how big businesses are thriving off of the broken family. How the broken family is impacting marketing and big businesses.

Crime and violence during summer months explode every year. The city of Baltimore has just implemented one of the toughest curfews in the nation. The only question is, will the curfew make a difference! Joining us as we discuss... more

More male/female traditional roles are being challenged. Most women have full-time jobs these days, many make more than their man. How should the household be handled when she makes enough to carry the household... more

Social media has this society communicating more than ever. But for some reason men and women are not communicating very well with each other. There is a disconnect between the sexes, what we want from each other, how we talk to... more

Join The DG Show tonight as we discuss your dreams and goals. Tips that will help you reach your goals faster and motivation to assist with your focus.

In today's relationship climate prenuptials should be the norm. But protecting your achievements and possessions should not be on your mind just before marriage. The divorce rate is out of control and truly a sad trend. Join us as we discuss... more

Many mothers celebrated Father's Day last week. It was a hot topic on social media. Join us as we take a look at the whole issue, cause and effect. June is Men's Health Month, we will be taking a look at beer bellys, guts and spare... more

Join us as we get into four hot topics. Love, with all the temporary relationships and family blending can the ex get along with the new boo? Race, light skin vs dark skin is still an issue within the black American culture. Why and how... more

Join us as we talk about how important it is to have your child do something this summer. Educational and physical activities should be on their "to do" list. And of course we will get into 1 or 2 hot topics from our Facebook group, Visual... more