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Do you know who is running? Do you know what they stand for? Join us as we talk politics and maybe a little poli-tricks. Of course we will be starting the show off with Visual Thought's post of the week.

Men wearing skirts, high heels, sheer shirts and tight pants has been on the rise recently. Is this the new trend for stylish men? Is this style grooming our boys to be less manly, gay or out right feminine? Join The DG Show as we get into... more

Joins us and our guest, Deja as we discuss strap-ons in a lesbian relationship. Is it replacing what she really wants?? Also, we will be looking into businesses that you can start for under $5000 as well as public etiquette.

Welfare has been a hot topic these days. Welfare has been the blame for the economy not being as strong as possible, blamed for making the poor lazy and dependent. Politicians use welfare as a dividing point among those that haveand... more

Summer is just aound the corner. What will your kids be doing? We will be discussing camps, activities and anything else to keep your kids busy this summer. Of course we start each show of with the post of the week from FB... more

Join The DG Show as we talk about the latest and hottest topics. MLK's children fighting. Congressman Elijah Cummings demands respect. We definitely will get into Amber Alerts, are the racially bias? And more!

Black History Month has come and gone. Have we learned anything new? Have we made plans for our future? Join us as we get into some little known facts as well as how we can start to move as one.

Man Laws! Do all men abide by these laws? Do all men have the same "man laws"? Join us as we talk about how men should carry themselves. What kind of behavior and character he should have.

Join us as we take a break from all the negative stories we see and hear in the media. This show will be positive stories only. All smiles! First on the show will be authors of Noah's Walk, Noah Rattler and Nekisha Pickney. A true story turned... more

Genetically Modified Organisms are in our food supply beyond belief. GMOs artifically make crops grow resistant to pathogens and herbicides. They also change the natural structure of the food. Join us as we discuss health concerns... more