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Vox Populi Radio

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Vox Populi Radio is a bi-partisan political talk show hosted by Sean Astin. The show asks listeners & guests alike to offer their views on hot button topics, current events and issues relating to government while communicating with respect. "The key to civil discourse is listening!" Join our Weekly Vox Populi Twitter Chat, time TBA Follow @HostVoxPopuli Be a part of the discussion using hashtag: #RaiseYourVox

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Sean Astin heads to the Federal Building in Westwood California, to announce the start of the 2nd season of Vox Populi Radio. Bolstered by the nearly 1,000 Kickstarter backers and dedicated team of professionals and vounteers, Host... more

Join Host Sean Astin as he discusses the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia. Guest: Dr. Fait Muedini is a faculty member at Eckerd College, where he teaches International Relations, as well as Islam and Human Rights and Middle East... more

Join host Sean Astin for an in-depth discussion and analysis following President Obama's State of the Union address. Tonight's Guest: Political Commentator Ron Christie (@Ron_Christie) Ron Christie is Founder and CEO of Christie... more