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A real estate show dedicated to the Phoenix market and what is happening in Real estate in the Valley of the Sun.

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Phoenix Real Estate...Expect the Unexpected...Why Do I need Title Insr... In this episode Tina and I will cover all the unexpected Phoenix Real estate realted things that can come up in a Real Estate transaction. We will cover both the buyer and the seller sides and all the items that will or can come up in a Phoenix Real Estate transaction. we will also talk about what to do should any of these things come up in your Phoenix Real Estate transaction. Our guest will be Angela Hukill from DHI Title and she will go over the difference between Title Insr and Escrow. She ill also cover why you need it and what it does for you. We will also have our listing of the week so you will want to stay for that! Jayson Tina
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My Phoenix Home is not Selling what should I do...Downtoewn Phoenix It can be very frustrating when you are faced with not being able to sell your home or find the right buyer. I will also be covering the things that you can do to help... more

Top 4 Myth Busters for 2014 Phoenix real estate Buyers and Sellers In this episode I will be going over what the top myths are currently for 2014 for both buyers and sellers. So if you are looking ot purchase or sell a home in Phoenix... more

Home Owner Insr...Tips on selling your home fast.....Featured City Glendale In this episode we will go over what you need to know about home owners insr for your new home or current home. How claims are filed and made to how much... more

Should I purchase a Home at the Top of my Affordability In this episode we will talk about how you should approach purchasing a home. The mind set that you should have going into the market on a home search. we will also talk about the... more

Real Estate and Mortgage acronyms and what they mean...City Highlight, Tempe AZ In this episode your will learn what the acronyms in real estate and mortgage mean. Aconyms like CC&R's, DTI, LTV, SPDS, BINSOR, LBP, FHA, VA, HUD,... more

Down Payment Assistance In this episode you will learn all about the different types of down payment assistance and which loans types will allow for down payment assistance. From FHA to Conventional financing you will have a better... more

Things that go wrong with Real Estate sales In this episode you will learn the things that are in your control and things that are out of your control. you will learn the things you should be doing and the things that you should not be... more

How do I Find a qualified Realtor with experience In this episode you will learn what questions to ask a Realtor to find out their level of experience and how they can best serve you. Jayson and Tina will help you pick the right Realtor for... more

I found out I have bad credit, what do I do? I this episode we will talk to Matt Mason and expert on credit and things that he can help you wirth when fixing your credit. Matt comes with loads of experience in helping people improve... more

Where do I begin when purchasing a home? In this episode we will be going over what steps you should be doing when starting your home search. What to look for in a lender and what to look for in a Realtor. The types of documentation... more