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Lets talk from an intuitive perspective. Intuition is that quiet yet powerful connection to your inner self - the part of you that is true and real - YOUR SOUL. Lets connect and hear what your soul is saying. Join in the conversation - together we can speak intuitively.

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We all have moments where we feel anger, fear, sadness etc - these are feelings and emotions - don't let them rule your life - feel them - acknowledge them - but work through them so you can live your life of joy.

There are many types of people. On the show we will look at how people will try to manipulate you to get you to do what they feel you should do. When you say no - and mean it - don't back down.

We all start our lives living the dreams of others - and it may go into our adulthood. Do you find yourself feeling unhappy? Are you wondering if there is more to life? If yes, you may be living someone else's dream.

Are you feeling sorry for yourself? Are you in a rut? Do you feel like life is unfair? Well you are in a pity-party stage. I will discuss how to go from pitiful to powerful!

Have you had a bad day? Things not working out? Why not find something to smile about? We will discuss how laughter can help to heal your soul - and simply make you feel better.

Live for your Soul not for your Role

  • by OpheliaRigault
We all play many roles in life, such as parent, lawyer, coach or teacher. Wikipedia defines “a role as a set of connected behaviors, rights and obligations as conceptualized by actors in a social situation. It is an expected behavior in a... more

What would your life be like if each and every time - you choose to act in love - choose to say loving words - to someone - how would your life be like? Let's discuss it....

Learning to let go of what is not serving you in life can be one of the most difficult things to do - but when you do let go - your soul smiles.
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