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Jordan Wells Ministries is a ministry dedicated to preaching, and teaching the message of scripture, and sounding the alarm that the End Time is now. Jordan Wells Ministries mission is to see revival in the church, by the preaching of the entire word of God.Millions are completely unaware in the church, that we are living in the end time. Christians are seating in church, not being changed, or truly having a conversion of heart. Jordan Wells Ministries has been called to preach, a message of repentance. I pray that this ministry changes your life.

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This radio show is are asking for your support in the ministry, threw prayer and also threw giving. We pray that threw this radio show you are lead of God, to donate and become a monthly partner. You can do that by logging onto... more

Jesus warned us that one of the biggest signs of the end time would be the arrival of many false prophets (Mathew 24). In the time in which we live, we have seen the gospel of Jesus Christ replaced by a man centered gospel that tells it's... more

Today we will be teaching over what really happened on pentecost, was it just the birth of the church or much more? All most two thousand years ago 120 gathered in a upper room, and since this historic day the world has never been the... more

Much thought is given to Revelation 13, which see's a forming One World Government, One World Religion, and yes even a One World Economic system. But there is also the prophecy, of Gog and Magog which see's the world... more

There are two paths that are presented in the bible, however many do not understand the price that must be paid in order to truly live a life of a Christian. The Bible tells us that the road that leads to eternal life is narrow, but with all... more

Today on another addition of The Voice Of The Prophetic Report, we will be discussing the coming third temple, and how this prophecy is being fulfilled in todays news, with talk of a third temple being built right next to the Dome of the... more

Today on The Voice Of The Prophetic Report, we will be discussing a law suit on a coach who wanted to express his faith openly. The law suit stated that this was a violation of the first amendment, we will be taking a look at the... more

The Christianity of today is not the Christianity from the bible, which taught a life of servitude. With the emergence of big name prosperity gospel preachers such a Joel Osten, TD Jakes, Rick Warren and many more who have forsaken the... more

Today on The Voice Of The Prophetic Report, we will be discussing the recent comments made concerning our president by Rush Limbaugh and how his words tie in to bible prophecy. We will also be discussing the progress of the... more

This teaching was inspired by the Holy Spirt, who moved on my heart to speak to the church. The bible gives us a image of a Harlot who is called the Mystery Of Babylon. Babylon was once the center for Idolatry, and false religion. Nimroid... more