Sex, Religion, Power and Politics

Sexual Passion as Prayer & Psychedelic Mind

Karen Tate

Karen Tate

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Tonight's show might easily be titled Everything You Always Wanted to know about Sacred Sex and Drug Use in Sacred Ritual...Dr. Tom Roberts, author of The Pschedelic Future of the Mind: Enhancing Cognition, Boosting Intelligence and Raising Values proposes bold new research directions and methodologies that advance what psychedelic research can become and how it can enhance our lives. We'll also be discussing his older book, Spiritual Growth and Entheogens: Psychoative Sacramentals and Human Transformation and I'll asking him about the use of hallucinogens in sacred ritual.

Crossing the threshold into the second half of the show, Caroline Muir, author of Tantra Goddess, chats about Sexual Consciousness and Passionate Prayer as we delve into how sexual education and Tantra Yoga are relevant to the Sacred Feminine, explore the nature of Shakti, Sexual Healing and Awakening and the Divine Feminine Institute for Men and Women.

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