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Voices InJustice Radio, sharing your side of the story. A broadcast production of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. WE ARE BACK!! Join us every Sunday & Thursday evening with a newly developed partnership talk radio program. We are discussing the tragedies & triumphs around the world and on your streets everyday. Patricia 'Trish' McKnight, creator of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Talk Radio, has more than 200 radio broadcasts, which collected more than 45,000 listens, during her two year radio history. Now Trish would like to invite you to join in @ Voices of Injustice, a brand new show we hope you will enjoy just as much. Trish will be here every Sunday evening from 9-10pm central time, opening up our phone lines for a wide range of topics; connecting the dots of our human survival today. There's a massive pandemic of violence in our communities, disrespect for human life; Police Officer, Soldier, even within our families. A growing path of destruction without belief in the very rights our country was founded on and so many have died for, FREEDOM - SAFETY! Give her a call to discuss your injustice or how to survive it. Think as a responsible adult, what kind of society are we teaching our youth to become? Gregory Nasky is our new partner host & producer, who brings his very special creation; ‘Fierce Redemption’ broadcasting every Thursday evening from 8 - 9 pm central time. Gregory hopes to bring us together in our belief of a Higher Power, something better, something worth changing to provide a more positive path moving forward. Gregory grew up on the streets of Chicago; living a challenging childhood which has impacted his life for 20 years. He is here to bring us street on street interviews from those who empower through their suffering today. Our shows in no way constitute any form of legal or therapeutic advice!

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Voices InJustice Radio with Trish McKnight; Owner/CEO Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery; Creator 'Family Crimes & Terroristic Abuse Act'; Author 'My Justice', as well as a mentor who has assisted or supported hundreds of men & women trying to work through trauma, grief, depression. You can join her broadcast live this Sunday - Aug 30, 9pm central time; as always this broadcast is a continuation of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery community outreach broadcasting network. We are here to share your side of the story. We open our phone lines at 929-477-3163 and our chatroom is always a busy place to share with other listeners. Join in this very important program as we discuss Medical Treatments & Medications for your child/teen. Are you ready to be your child's medical advocate? Almost weekly there is a new FDA approved regulation for a even more powerful medication being approved for children. On this topic I have a some very serious concerns. They have now approved Medical Marijuana for children; Oxycotin and many other opioid medications for pain treatment. They approve many benzodiazoprine medications to reduce behavioral issues. Is our healthcare system really researching all the underlying issues that could be affecting the child's condition or behavioral problems? Do you dissway them from discussing certain family related topics or are you completely honest about the daily functions of your child's home life? Is there underlying stress, constant negative chaos or arguing, violent threats, bullying by a parent or parental partner? Your side of the story matters in this broadcast. Join callers & chatters as we open the discussion concerning medications & medical treatment for their child/teen. We are an entertainment & awareness program; we do not provide any professional, legal, medical, or therapeutic advice

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Updates on Fierce Redemption, a portion of my story, school districts and surrounding areas, Forgiveness.

Ed is a man of God that has lived thru the hell of being sexually abused as a male, His story is just one of many that is truly sad and up lifing at the same time due to the fact that he found God and has been saved to live another day to tell... more

Voices InJustice Radio with Trish McKnight; Sharing your side of the story!! This is a community outreach broadcast of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. Sunday night, 9pm central time; join me friends as we discuss the issues of our nation's... more

Gregory Nasky from Fierce Redmption radio is bringing you another godly man that has over come the childhood sexual abuse from his so-called family member, who is a state cop, thats supposed to protect us all from people just like... more

Voices InJustice Radio - sharing your side of the story, every Sunday evening 9pm central time, with host/producer, ‘Trish' McKnight; a continuing outreach broadcast of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. Our everyday human... more

Due to the fact that I myself have suffered childhood sexual abuse at the age of 12 years old, I feel it is my duty to tell my story to let other boys and men know that they are not alone and give them hope and to be there for them every... more

Voices InJustice with Trish every Sunday evening at 9pm central time. We are a radio network production of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. A community outreach focus in awareness, prevention, and empowerment to overcome our... more

Welcome to the new broadcast show here to share your side of the story. Voices Injustice Radio is a production sponsored by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. This show will allow for a new type of format where we discuss ALL the many... more

Do you feel stuck in your relationship, confused about your decision whether it is time to go or not, and doubt in your ability to leave and create a future for yourself and your children? Are you ready for a better life? Seeing your kids happy and... more