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Voices From Around The World

Voices From Around The World


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Andy Peacher has set up a radio platform with his American Friend Bill Xam from SETV Mitchigan Seline Entertainment TV on Freedom Talk Radio The Real News Group for us all to have a voice and get involved in networking and joining forces as individuals and groups, internationally- the programs are solution based and cutting edge with an impressive line-up of guests and hosts such as Kevin Annett, Sabine McNeill, Kevin Edwards, Roger Hayes, Professor Timothy Spearman, Holy Mother, Sanda Davis from USA, Ruby Akhtar, Dr Ramona.. hot on topics such as common laws, commercial liens, child abuse (rapes, sodomy, murder, cannibalism, prostitution, ography, paedophilia, snuff movies), Forced Adoptions, Corruption & Fraud in public services such as health, social services, Governments, mainstream media (MSM).. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1485911218299959/ Andy is inviting volunteers to host and guest the programs and help with admin and technical skills. Donations and membership fees are not being required as Andy wishes to keep it free. However, if you can help financially, please do, it would be most appreciated and it will help advance the global network and costs of calls. Andy will call callers at his own cost via landlines and mobile anywhere in the world (except mobiles in UK are not covered – but you can skype him on freedomtalkradio1 and email freedomtalkradio@outlook.com Thanks in anticipation of your future involvement for this grand opportunity to develop a peoples radio platform Bring back Human Rights, COMMON LAWS AND our DIVINITY If it takes civil disobedience right now, then so be it – paper money and man-made laws are proclaimed, deemed null and void by law since the 1930 bankruptcy of the UK at the Geneva Convention by the League of Nations. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, all Government & public service must be with our informed consent and honour at all times. Dishonour causes trading to cease, assets to be seized and

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Todays interveiw has the grandfather and the man who had parent rights given to him by the Social Services, to have it revoked and the children taken and then put through the convoluted turmpoil and set up to fail process that dupe parent into... more

Andys Saturday Night Show With Brian Gerrish @ Leonard Lawrence Discussing Carol Woods and mental health abuse. Organized crime Lancashire @ Greater Manchester Police Conspiracy Re Deprivation Of Liberty The situation arose... more


Jim Porter I'll be exposing constitutional law violation(s), committed by previous and current government employees at our federal, state and local levels of government to control the American People. 1) More than 200 years ago, to... more


Wendy Greene The Angel Warrior Show Call in at 657 383-0530 in the U.S. uk 01444 390270 Freedom Talk Radio - The arrowhead for global remedies for humanity. The war has been ongoing between humanity and satanity, and now... more

Todays Show Author Timothy Spearman and Andy Peacher Human Beings on the Planet no longer have true journalistic reporting which we can rely upon and trust. We are in serious times requiring serious action.2 peas in a podcast Show... more

Roger The Institute of Family and Marriage Ep3 The Institute of Family and Marriage We consider the family as a foundation for sustainability and prosperity, for tolerance and equality, especially equality between women and men, an... more

We Lost Our Linda to the Martins A Family dispute over dead mothers estate. EP2 This is a true story involving solicitors courts and police covering up lies deciept abuse of power and financial fraud house breaking and much more. The... more
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