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A blog and radio show daringly designed for audiences to learn and share how to advance God's Kingdom in a "do your own thing," society.

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Before Chris McArdle, 28, founded Absolutely No Condemnation Ministries, he was facing death's door with terrifying trips to the hospital ER. Chris struggled with alcoholism which nearly killed him. Not long ago, his father who became saved and sober, passed away. Chris's consumption of alcohol progressed from recreational use to a dangerous "euphoric-like" escape. Soon alcohol became necessary for daily function in his successful sports radio career. Sober today, Chris is overjoyed by how Jesus Christ's love rescued and restored him from the deadly grip of alcoholism. Based in Anoka, Minnesota, Chris travels the country candidly and passionately telling others struggling with substance abuse: there is freedom from addiction and absolutely no condemnation in Christ Jesus. What was his turning point? Join us and invite others for a powerful conversation. Host: Nicole D. Hayes.
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While out shopping for chocolate and furniture, you meet Jesus Christ. What? You should expect to meet Jesus in church, a Christian bookstore or gift shop. Then there are businesses whose products and services draw various customers... more

It's a lender. An oppressor. A tyrant. The oppressor wants you dead rather than freed. The oppressor: addiction. From drugged driving to overmedicating, substance abuse is a slippery slope and wide gate to destruction. The battle... more

A fast and furious year, many challenging events of 2014 submerged us into deeper prayer, stretching and exercising our faith in the Lord like never before. The Body of Christ felt this stretching and rewarding of our faith, while... more

Do you desire to start a business? Already operate a business? If you answered "yes" to either question, how does God desire that Christians construct and conduct business? We live in a culture that doesn't necessarily factor God into... more

They're starting fires in churches, in buildings and on the road. They're starting fires in your soul, starting fires across the globe. They are not in a gang. They are Fire Starter International, a Miami-based women's ministry, a branch of... more

Hookups. Sex with no attachments. "Test drive" theory. Many seek the authentic in the inauthentic. But there are no shortcuts to obtaining the authentic relationship. In a "do what makes you feel good" society, how do we help our... more

Ladies, do you repeatedly enter abusive or unhealthy relationships? Seek love in the wrong places? Unsure how to break the cycle? There are answers. There is hope. Join us for an honest and transformative conversation with author and... more

ISIS. National security. America's involvement and subsequent vulnerability. What does it all mean for us? It's caused many to be scared but YOU can be prepared. Hear from dear friend, author and national security expert Hakim Hazim whose... more

How does God rescue and use a prostitute, lesbian, braggadocious Portland, Oregon-bred secular rapper for His purposes? Ask redeemed, restored and well-respected Gospel rap artist, Octavia Harris. Street life and a 10-year... more

Have a need? Meet anonymous donors with big checks. Helping hands. Influence. God is moving upon hearts and breaking through barriers in unusual ways to accomplish His purposes outside of the typical church walls. In my hometown... more