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Joe is a Veteran of over 12 years with multiple deployments to Iraq. He is currently active duty as an AGR soldier in the US Army Reserves.Through comedy, broadcasting and entertainment Joe has found a way to deal with his... more

Tonight we will remember and honor the Navy Yard victims who were killed and injured on 9/16/13.

Join Katie & Gordie from VOW Talk Radio along with Clinical Specialist, Dr. Cheyenne Pease-Carter, PhD. from Give an Hour . They will be discussing the continuing impact 9/11 has had not only on our country as a whole, but... more

Dr. Elizabeth Jacobi, a professional opera singer, a delegate to foreign cultural programs, and a student of a well known doctor from Harvard, has devoted a great deal of her professional life toward her research and development of... more

The 4th of July is upon us and with that can come a time that is stressful for veterans suffering with PTSD. Gordie will give his side as a veteran with PTSD and Patti will give her side as a caregiver for her husband that has PTSD.

Join Voice of Warriors Talk Radio as we chat with some of the crew from Journal of Military Experience. JME helps veterans cope with PTSD and their military experience by writing down their lives and their stories!

We will be discussing Fatherhood, being a dad and in the military... or a disabled military vet and a dad... its a show you won't want to miss!

Join the VOW Talk Radio as we talk with Mike Liguori. Mike Liguori is a former United States Marine and veteran of the Iraq War. His short story memoir ?THE SANDBOX: Stories of Human Spirit and War? chronicles Mike's two tours in the... more

Tonight we are joined by Scott Lee from Veteran's PTSD Project, a project designed by Military Experience and the Arts. Veteran's PTSD Project provides free online collaborative writing workshops for veterans and family... more

On this episode of Voice of Warriors Blog Radio, Dr. Kent Corso from Give an Hour will join us in discussing how we deal with the death of a loved one in honor of May 18's Armed Forces Day.
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