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Voice Of Spirit

Voice Of Spirit


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During this show, I'll use my 16 years of experience & the Guidance of Spirit to explore many exciting topics.

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Grab your phone, computer or other fancy schmancy device. Unlike the typical "church", these non-denominational shows will focus on those who consider themselves more Spiritual than religious. I will be discussing topics that help us... more

The Native American Medicine Wheel is a Sacred place. This is where the tribe (as well as individuals) goes to pray & Heal. Each of the 4 major directions (North, South, East & West) have specific seasons, animals, plants & more. In Winter,... more

As the ebbs & flows of energy rise & fall, like the ocean waves, we look to the moon for direction. We recognise that everything contains & emits energy. Our bodies are mostly water, just as the ocean tides. The full moon is the peak of... more

Many of us are going through very painful shifts in our lives. Now, more than ever, it is important to go within & seek Guidance from the Divine. Fall is upon us. Everywhere we look, nature is preparing for it's deep hibernation to survive the... more

Spirit is constantly conspiring to help us; to make positive changes in our lives. Often, we are afraid of the changes ahead. We choose to be in a situation that is toxic, rather than embrace the positive transition needed in our lives.... more

Spring is here. Many are busy cleaning thier homes & cars... opening the windows for fresh air & allowing a newness to fill the air. What about your Soul? Remember, You are a Spiritual Being, having a physical experience, NOT the... more

Are miraculous healings for everyone, or just a select few? Is it possible to attract miracles? Can we block miracles? I have 14 years of experience with the Healing & Metaphysical Arts. Listen in as I share some personal & professional... more

Are you angry at someone who has hurt you? Does the thought of forgiving them make you want to scream? Are you focusing on the "bounty" or the "lack" in your life? There is a way to reprogram yourself & change things around. During this... more

Most religions believe that the Spirit transcends death. However, within those religions, communication with the dead somehow remains within the domain of the occult. I have been speaking with the dead for 13 years now. There are... more