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Voice of Hope

Voice of Hope 希望之聲


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The Voice of Hope Blogtalk Radio is brought to you live in English and Mandarin every Friday at 7:00 PM China time. A new show is posted every week on Friday at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/voiceofhope. We have been broadcasting for over four years. We have over 200 teaching shows in our archives, including a children's series. Browse through our archives. Choose any show. You will find the direction and comfort you need for living. Thank you for joining us! Click on "follow" to be reminded of the weekly broadcast. We hope you’ll join us! 希望之声博客论坛广播节目每周五在中国晚上7点用英语和普通话实况直播。每周新的节目是在周五张贴在http://www.blogtalkradio.com/voiceofhope。我们已直播了四年以上。在我们的存档中我们的教学节目超过了200个,其中包括一个儿童教学系列。浏览我们的存档。选择任何节目。你会发现你在生活中需要的方向和安慰。感谢你加入我们!点击“follow跟随”会被提醒每周的广播。我们希望你能加入我们收听!

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Death. The great enemy. Fear, anger, pain, sorrow, grief are just a few of the emotions that rock our world as we face the enemy. But in His great love the One True and Living God does not intend for us to be without HOPE. And there is hope even in the face of death. Join us today as we walk through the valley of death and find hope for living and dying. This is a show you need to hear. Please contact us with comments or questions at voiceofhopechina@gmail.com. Thank you for joining us.
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