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The Voice of Hope will point you in the direction of real joy and fulfillment in life. Listen and be lifted! Join us here on live radio every Friday (7:00pm in China; 7:00am EST in the USA)for an auditory reading of the book of Acts. The book will be translated into Mandarin. English learners and truth seekers will benefit by listening to this free translation. Click on "follow" to be reminded of the weekly broadcast. 怎樣才能得到生命中永恆的喜樂及真實的滿足?“希望之聲”的節目內容將會為您指點迷津。歡迎在中國時間的每星期五晚上七點整,加入我們的節目。節目當中我們會以英語及普通話來讀“使徒行傳”。 如果您正在尋找生命的真諦,或者只是想學學英語,都歡迎您與我們一同探討。

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