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Get ready for conversations that awaken, inspire and activate. Voice of Evolution Radio is a gathering place for leaders, seekers and all those with the passion to create compassionate, sustainable change in the world.

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Rick Tamlyn is a sought-after thought leader and facilitator, who works internationally as an experiential keynote speaker. He's also a master of the riff. This Just In with Rick Tamlyn is about the riff. The formal definition of a riff is ?a short rhythm phrase used in music that is often played when chords and harmonies are changing.? The informal definition of a riff that's more applicable for this context is ?an incisive comment, passage, or scene; a variation on a theme, in a speech, novel, or film.? Or in this case, a radio program. So what does all that really mean? It means that you're about to go on a journey through a topic that comes into the space intentionally or spontaneously; dancing with it in a thought-provoking, insightful way that speaks to who we are as humans in an ever-more-complex and complicated world. Rick Tamlyn takes us on that journey as only Rick Tamlyn can, sharing his insight, humor and vulnerability as the topic unfolds unrehearsed before us. Linda Lombardo hosts.
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Alan Seale is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, transformation catalyst, and the founder and director of the Center for Transformational Presence. His first book, Intuitive Living: A Sacred Path, received the... more

What would it take for you to truly live with passion, empowerment and freedom? Have you been living the life others what you to live? Or are you living the life you think you should be living but still feel unhappy or unfilled? Join us as we chat... more

This prerecorded conversation between two young women: one in the United States; the other in India shows the similarities as well as the vast social differences between their two worlds. The intention of the program, produced by... more

Linda Lombardo and Joss Rowlands explore Chaos, as a leadership tool and an opportunity for creativity. As we move from a Deterministic Era into a Quantum Mechanical Revolution, complex systems – like humans - continue to... more

"Throughout time, a handful of mystics, prophets and wise leaders have found the keys to an advanced operating system..." What was once available to just a few is now within our reach. Lucid Living is a joyous, sacred journey of coming home... more

Lauri Smith's book is for those who long to speak powerfully when it matters most - to move people with their voice. She never dreamed that she would write a book ... until, one day, she realized that what she'd been teaching for so long was... more

The Dark Underbelly of Leadership series continues with Linda Lombardo and Joss Rowlands. In this epic live episode, Linda and Joss talk about Beauty, Danger, Sex, Humor, Charm, Eccentricity and Intelligence - all types of... more

Phillippa Ibe will be sharing her life stories with me and we talking to us about how and when to recognise whether we are in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship. Philippa is a British born African currently residing in London. She... more

We live in a world of both profound separation and deep longing for connection. Ann Betz explores not only the historical and spiritual history of our disconnection and its cost to individual and societal well-being, but also provide a compelling,... more
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