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Get ready for conversations that awaken, inspire and activate. Voice of Evolution Radio is a gathering place for leaders, seekers and all those with the passion to create compassionate, sustainable change in the world.

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Kelly Carlin loves tackling the big questions – What are we to do with this one life? Who do we want to be as a species? How does one create a life of depth, joy and meaning in a world that can't slow down for 2 minutes? When is... more

A Star*ling Project Conversation, designed to awaken, inspire and activate. Asking questions that may not have immediate answers in order to play with perspectives and open thought to ideas other than our own. Joss Rowlands, coach and... more

REBROADCAST: WhyHunger is a leader in building the movement to end hunger and poverty by connecting people to nutritious, affordable food and by supporting grassroots solutions that inspire self-reliance and community empowerment. Bill... more

The Reluctant Evolutionary. Yup, that's me. I wake up every morning to a new story about something in our world that beg the question, "WTF??" This broadcast, titled "Wild Horses" is a 7-minute story about the week that the plight... more

On Elizabeth's McCourt's website, www.mccourtleadership.com, she writes, ?My clients work with me because they have the courage to push themselves beyond their current successes to find out what's possible.? That's what today... more

One year later almost to the day, a rebroadcast of Robin Rice's conversation on Voice of Evolution Radio with Linda Lombardo. Robin Rice is an internationally published author, spiritual teacher, social change artist and mentor. THERE... more

What is the Earth trying to tell us right now? What are the forces that threaten her? What must we protect in order to sustain Earth and Humanity? Producer and host, Linda Lombardo, talks with Jyoti, founder of the Center for Sacred Studies... more

You and I want the same thing! What an amazing discovery when a young woman in India and a young woman in the United States realize that they have more in common than they ever expected, in spite of their very different cultural... more

Alexis writes, "For about the past 20 years or so, I have had a vision (sometimes in a dream, other times while awake). That vision was, quite simply, of me walking. I couldn't tell where I was, what I was wearing or even what I was... more

Grandmother Shirley Barclay, Southern Sky Woman, is an Indigenous Elder and Wolf Clan Mother and healer for the Cherokee people of Texas. She has walked a Lakota path for the past 38 years as a Pipe Carrier, and 27 years as a Sun... more
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