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A provocative talk show on matters of kingdom culture and life with Dr. Daniel Haupt and guest visionaries who inspire you to Be, Do and Have your success.

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Dr. Daniel Haupt and visionary Ella Coleman discuss overcoming FEAR by not being ignorant of its devices and practicing the virture of courage to fuffil our destiny.Living life beyond our fear is essential to walking in the God kind of faith... more

Dr. Daniel Haupt talks with visionary Ella Colman about understanding the phenomena of Fear(False Evidence Appearing Real) is a power to overcome it in your life and dreams.Ella Coleman is the founder of Ellevation Enterprisis and... more

Dr.Daniel Haupt discusses with WAM Leadership Students Joseph and Benjamin about incredible lesson learned about Faith Toward God and it transformative power to make the impossible, possible with God.If you have any... more

Dr.Daniel Haupt and life coach Juanita Harris talk with Pastor John Peyton of Reconciliation Community Church on how the charactor of your marriage and its actors can shape your future and what couples can do to turn their marriage... more

Dr.Daniel Haupt and life coach Junita Harris talk with Wendell and Junita Burden who have been married for 52 years and taught marriage priniciples all over the globe for decades on the subject of finding agreement and decision making... more

Dr.Daniel Haupt and life coach Juanita Harris talk with Calude and Lisa Milhouse as they tell the power story of how they entered into the covenant of oneness and the art of being a team.Get an inspireing insight of how a couple can discover... more

Dr.Daniel Haupt and Life Coach Juanita Harris explains some of the most dynamic marriage talk techniques that enable a couple to practice oneness that endures a life time. Couples for Destiny is a special segment of the Voice of... more

Dr.Daniel Haupt and life coach Juanita Harris continues to talk on Oneness with power Couple Rick and Liz Kendall. They discuss insights on how to shift gears in your marriage when times,seasons and changes alter who you are, to set the... more

Dr.Daniel Haupt and life coach Juanita Harris talks with power couple Rick and Liz Kendall on the secrets of sustaining oneness in their marriage. Rick and Liz are founders of Rick Kendall ministries a global visionary and ministerial network... more