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Sharon Ann Wikoff

Voice Of Change


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The VOICE OF CHANGE hosted and produced by Sharon Ann Wikoff creates programming Inspiring Infinite Possibilities! Sharon seeks out guests who have an extraordinary message for these transformational times on the planet. Speakers share their expertise, insights and words of wisdom uplifting listeners and bringing new and inspiring possibilities into their lives…one voice at a time…one step at a time.

Upcoming Broadcasts

The Voice of Change welcome Suzie Daggett to the program. The title of the program today is: The Delicate Balance of the Soul and the Ego. Learning to listen to the dynamic interchange of the soul and ego, brings new awareness to both head and heart - who do you listen to? How do you make decisions on either simple or difficult situations? Our soul/heart whispers proactive guidance for growth. Our fearful ego/mind shouts loud and reactively. What we do, or choose not to do, can have profound results. Suzie Daggett writes a question and answer column with Clare, her inner soul & Posey, her ego mind to understand that lovely intersection between soul needs and ego wants. Suzie is an Intuitive Business & Life Consultant and author of PEARLS, 52 Contemplative Insights. Her website is: www.dearsource.com NOTE: We apologize for the audio problems on June 5th. We had to reschedule the program. Please tune in on July 14 to hear Suzie speak. Thank you.
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On-Demand Episodes

The Voice of Change, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff, will have Kurt Abraham, author of Astrology as a Path to Higher Consciousness as this week's guest. Each Sign of the Zodiac is a different energy that is "designed" to lead one on and... more

The Voice of Change hosts a special on Saturday, July 18th, entitled: My Big Fat "GREEN" Reunion. It's Summertime, and that means baseball, watermelon, picnics and family reunions! Visiting relatives is a lot of fun, but reunions can... more
Sharon Ann Wikoff

The Voice of Change returns for a special!

  • by Sharon Ann Wikoff
Due to the challenges of a move, Sharon Ann Wikoff, has been off the air for a few weeks. She returns, Saturday, July 18th, hosting a fantastic special: My Big Fat GREEN Reunion. She will interview eco geek Rebecca Valentine... more
Sharon Ann Wikoff

Show June 26th/ July 3

  • by Sharon Ann Wikoff
Hello Everyone ~ Just wanted to let you know that I'm still not settled and do not have my home-office set up. Therefore, I'm canceling the June 26th show with Rick Gettle. I hope to have him on in the future! July 3th I will not... more
Sharon Ann Wikoff

Voice of Change / June 19th program cancelled

  • by Sharon Ann Wikoff
H!ello Listeners ~ Wanted to let you know that tomorrow program has been cancelled. I'm in the process of moving and am not able to host the program. Karen Melton will be re-scheduled for another time! Please browse the archives!... more

Caitlin LaBoyteaux is guest on The VOICE of CHANGE. Are you interested in "re-creating" your life, or work? Caitlin enjoys life and is always open to the new! And that has opened the door to many wonderful adventures for her. When... more

The VOICE of CHANGE welcomes Rebecca Valentine. The focus of this 1 hour special is Saving the Planet! Rebecca knows 101+ groups, people and organaizations that are doing GREAT work to heal the planet. Tune in for a... more

The Voice of Change, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff, welcomes Sandy Goodwin. Today's topic: "The 5 Steps to Inner Confidence - How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Ease Into Action". Sandy is an Inner Confidence Coach and... more

The Voice of Change with Sharon Ann Wikoff has as her guest today, Medora Nankervis, of Grants Pass Oregon. She is the author of her autobiography, Vision of the Flying Artist. Medora, now in her 80's is a renowned artist, activitist,... more

"How to Change Our Lives/ How to Change Our Health" is the title of this 2-hour special with Master Tian Ying from China and her translator Mary Ho. Master Tian Ying practices a type of Qi Gong, known as Tian Gong. The Six Keys of Tian... more
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