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The VOICE OF CHANGE hosted and produced by Sharon Ann Wikoff creates programming Inspiring Infinite Possibilities! Sharon seeks out guests who have an extraordinary message for these transformational times on the planet. Speakers share their expertise, insights and words of wisdom uplifting listeners and bringing new and inspiring possibilities into their lives…one voice at a time…one step at a time.

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Sharon Ann Wikoff, host of the Voice of Change, welcomes Mari Perron to the program. Mari is called the First Receiver of the book called A Course of Love. After having studied A Course in Miracles for two years straight and reading it through 7 times, she was given an amazing gift, the "knowing" that she was to receive the follow up book to the Course in Miracles, A Course of Love! Some months later, the Course began coming to her and for three years she took the dictation down word for word. Now, 17 years after she heard the first words, and fourteen years since the work was first completed as three books: the Course, Treastises, and Dialogues, A Course of Love has been republished in a 674 page combined volume. Today Mari and Sharon will share a conversation about this heart-felt book, some of the concepts within it and Mari's amazing journey in her role as First Receiver in this process. Mari Shares the following Overview of A Course of Love: If we're going to be who we are in a way that does not disregard either our humanity or our divinity, a way that does not disregard each other and the world, we need to start with our hearts. Love gives reason its foundation. Joining heart and mind in wholeheartedness, which is the aim of the first of the three books of A Course of Love, is called the first union. Through this union we are no longer divided against ourselves. A true Self replaces the ego or false self that we once viewed as ourselves, and the Treatises, the second book, leads us through that change. The third book, The Dialogues, takes us to the mountain top for a 40 Day experience of transformation, but does not leave us there. Our return to level ground symbolizes the way of incarnation, the joining of the human and divine that makes us creators of a new world.
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Caitlin LaBoyteaux is guest on The VOICE of CHANGE. Are you interested in "re-creating" your life, or work? Caitlin enjoys life and is always open to the new! And that has opened the door to many wonderful adventures for her. When... more

The VOICE of CHANGE welcomes Rebecca Valentine. The focus of this 1 hour special is Saving the Planet! Rebecca knows 101+ groups, people and organaizations that are doing GREAT work to heal the planet. Tune in for a... more

The Voice of Change, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff, welcomes Sandy Goodwin. Today's topic: "The 5 Steps to Inner Confidence - How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Ease Into Action". Sandy is an Inner Confidence Coach and... more

The Voice of Change with Sharon Ann Wikoff has as her guest today, Medora Nankervis, of Grants Pass Oregon. She is the author of her autobiography, Vision of the Flying Artist. Medora, now in her 80's is a renowned artist, activitist,... more

"How to Change Our Lives/ How to Change Our Health" is the title of this 2-hour special with Master Tian Ying from China and her translator Mary Ho. Master Tian Ying practices a type of Qi Gong, known as Tian Gong. The Six Keys of Tian... more
Sharon Ann Wikoff

2 Hour Special with MASTER TIAN YING and translator Mary Ho

  • by Sharon Ann Wikoff
On Wednesday from 10 AM - 12 NOON, Master Tian Ying will be on the VOICE of CHANGE with translator Mary Ho. We are delighted to introduce a wonderful and talented Chinese Qi Gong Master; Master Tian Ying who is with us today... more

The VOICE of CHANGE with Sharon Ann Wikoff, has DeAnna Bardorff, Ayurvedic Practitioner as her guest. DeAnna, founded the Dhyana Center in Northern California. The title of today's program is Ayurveda: A Symptomatic Approach to... more

The VOICE of CHANGE with Sharon Ann Wikoff honors Mothers today as well as Mother Earth. Sharon will be talking with Lena Dahlke for the hour. Lena is a fabulous mother of two young children and is passionate about teaching her... more

The VOICE of CHANGE with Sharon Ann Wikoff has guest Chrisceline offering a Satsang. Chrisceline will share her lovely Morning Prayer and offer a Satsang on that topic. Chrisceline is an awakened spiritual mystic. She is a powerful healer... more

The Voice of Change, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff welcomes Jeffrey Whitebear (Domagalski). Jeffrey in a gifted musician and songwriter and has many of his original songs on his CD, Honoring Life. Jeffrey, hosts frequent circle gatherings... more
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