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The VOICE OF CHANGE brings to internet radio conversations on pertinent aspects of life during these transformational times. The program often takes the form of interviews with spiritual leaders, enlightened teachers, educational professionals, visionaries, innovative educators, alternative medicine therapists such as birth therapists, agents of cultural change and artists. Guests share their perspective, expertise and insights to support, encourage and inspire new ways during these times of change. As host of the show it also gives me the opportunity to share my own perspectives and passions. The focus is always on achieving greater harmony, health, happiness, self-understanding as well as providing a deeper knowledge of the governing laws and gifts of the Universe. Although there is much unrest taking place on the planet and in the lives of many, the potential for greater understanding, healing and change has never been greater. This is the time to be open to new ideas, new possibilities, and new ways of handling old problems. It is my intention to support individuals during this transitional time by providing inspiring and creative solutions to the challenges being faced. The journey into the new world begins with one new idea, one small step at a time... The VOICE OF CHANGE offers the opportunity to begin anew in each and every moment.

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The Voice of Change welcomes Suzie Daggett, author of PEARLS ~ 52 Contemplative Insights offers practical life advice and timeless spiritual wisdom. Suzie Daggett writes, speaks and teaches about Source energy and soul ~ human interactions sharing musings for everyday living. The title of our program today is, Small Steps to the Real YOU! Suzie says that life will change when small, purposeful, positive steps are taken to discover your soul's desire. Being aware of your soul's needs creates a life full of deep inner adventure and expansion. As humans learning to be close to Source energy and love, our soul whispers proactive guidance for growth. Our fearful ego/mind shouts loud and reactively. What we do, or choose not to do, can have profound results. Stretch, learn, seek and grow in your way. If confused about the difference between the soul and ego, remember, fear/ego constricts and love/soul opens. It is that simple. It is that hard. Suzie Daggett writes a question and answer column with Clare, her inner soul & Posey, her ego mind to understand that lovely intersection between soul needs and ego wants. Suzie is an Intuitive Business & Life Consultant. More at
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Sharon Ann Wikoff, host of The Voice of Change welcomes William Florian, singer and songwriter, formerly with the New Christy Minstrels. William Florian has been delighting audience of all ages for decades playing guitar and singing songs.... more

Caitlin LaBoyteaux, elementary teacher, has created the innovative reading series, Donkeyoti Readers, to provide teachers and educators with a rich, multi culturally awareness reading series, with a humorous and visually rich approach. Each... more
Sharon Ann Wikoff

Chris Celine's program

  • by Sharon Ann Wikoff
Dear Listeners, Chris Celine's program will not air today. Although the program uploaded said: Sharon Ann Wikoff hosting Chris Celine, when I actually began the show, it was not Chris' pre-recorded program. My apology! I will let you know... more

Sharon Ann Wikoff host of The VOICE of CHANGE will have Chris Celine as guest today. Chris Celine is an awakened spiritual mystic and guide. She transmits the Love of God in profound and life altering ways. Her pure love can... more

Today on The Voice of Change, Sharon Ann Wikoff will be speaking about Listening 2 Children and specifically The 10 MINUTE MIRACLE. It's a technique used to listen to others, especially children, in a profound manner. This... more

Today on The Voice of Change, Sharon Ann Wikoff will be speaking about Listening 2 Children and specifically The 10 MINUTE MIRACLE. It's a technique that organically unfolded in Sharon's life many years ago. She's used it with... more

The VOICE of CHANGE with Sharon Ann Wikoff hosts Lily Finch today for the last program in Lily's 8 week series, The Song and the Science of Energy Transformation. Today's program is about Sacred Geometry and the flow of... more

Today on the VOICE of CHANGE, Sharon Ann Wikoff will talk about her work: Listening To Children. As mother and educator Sharon has experienced the transformational effect the act of "LISTENING" has on all ages. Tune into the... more

The Voice of Change with Sharon Ann Wikoff hosts Lily Finch for the 7th class in the 8 week series, The Song And Science of Energy Transformation. This program is about unlocking the keys to your Highest Purpose: The Difference... more

The VOICE of CHANGE, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff has special guest Sandy Goodwin, Fearless Living Coach and 23-year marriage veteran. February is the month of love. Today with Sandy, discover "The Love Lessons - 7 Ways to Find... more
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