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The VOICE OF CHANGE brings to internet radio conversations on pertinent aspects of life during these transformational times. The program often takes the form of interviews with spiritual leaders, enlightened teachers, educational professionals, visionaries, innovative educators, alternative medicine therapists such as birth therapists, agents of cultural change and artists. Guests share their perspective, expertise and insights to support, encourage and inspire new ways during these times of change. As host of the show it gives me the opportunity to share my own perspectives and passions. The focus is always on achieving greater harmony, health, happiness, self understanding as well as providing a deeper knowledge of the governing laws and gifts of the Universe. Although there is much chaos taking place on the planet and in the lives of many, the potential for greater understanding, healing and change has never been greater. This is the time to be open to new ideas, new possibilities, and new ways of handling old problems. It is my intention to support individuals during this transitional time by providing inspiring and creative solutions to the challenges being faced. The journey into the new world begins with one new idea, one small step at a time... The VOICE OF CHANGE offers the opportunity to begin anew in each and every moment.

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Welcome to Blog Talk Radio and the Voice of Change. Rivka Kawano and I are coming together to host 4 radio programs on PEACEFUL PARENTING PRACTICES. We are also hosting a 30 Day Parenting Challenge* for Parents, running from October 1 through October 30. THE ART OF LISTENING: One practice we'll be focusing on for this first show is The ART of Listening. Listening to one's self, one's spouse/partner and one's children is crucial to establish a trusting relationship. Deep and profound listening does change lives...for the better. Tune in and hear some real life stories on how listening did change situations, bringing about peace, harmony and a deeper connection between people. SURPRISE TOPIC: Each week we'll have a 2nd topic of discussion. This one will be a surprise! But you can trust it will be about a Peaceful Parenting Practice that will add greatly to you family life. Sharon Ann Wikoff is a teacher, consultant and writer specializing in the fields of parenting, communicating with young children, self-esteem and personal transformation. She holds two teaching credentials and has been working with children and families for over 30 years. Rivka Kawano is the mother of three young boys and is passionate about the art of mothering. She is a guru in the world of social media and is also passionate about beautiful books for children. She reviews children's books at her site: www.BeautifulBookforChildren. com Details of this Challenge will be available by 12 midnight PST September 30th at and
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The VOICE of CHANGE, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff has special guest Rain Fordyce. The Topic: The PEACE TREATY,ending the Resistence in your Life! Rain has developed this tool to create peace with your inner-child and empower... more

The VOICE of CHANGE, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff, has Lily Finch as guest. The Topic for Week 5 in this 8 week series, is What is LOVE? Topics discussed are: Positive Thinking from Fear vs from Love; The Effects of Fear and Love;... more

The VOICE of CHANGE, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff, will have Joshua Myrvaaganes as her guest. Joshua is a marketer for green businesses, holistic healers and community builders. During his hour he will discuss the philosophy... more

The VOICE of CHANGE with Sharon Ann Wikoff hosts Lily Finch in week 4 of Lilly's 8-week series on The SONG & the SCIENCE of Energy Transformation. Week 4's topic is the EFFECTS OF FEAR AND LOVE on physical health, the... more
Sharon Ann Wikoff

The VOICE of CHANGE with guest Lily Finch

  • by Sharon Ann Wikoff
This week on the VOICE of CHANGE, host Sharon Ann Wikoff will have guest Lily Finch, for the 4th week of her 8-week series, The Song and Science of Energy Transformation. The topic for the program revolves around the EFFECTS of... more

The VOICE of CHANGE with Sharon Ann Wikoff hosts Lily Finch in week 3 of Lilly's 8-week series on the The SONG & The SCIENCE of Energy Transformation. This week Lily will show you the difference between LOVE and... more

The VOICE of CHANGE, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff will host this special hour today, sharing the healing power and potential of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) the work of Gary Craig. Sharon is delighted to... more

The VOICE of CHANGE with Sharon Ann Wikoff hosts Lily Finch in week 2 of Lilly's 8-week series on The SONG and THE SCIENCE of Energy Transformation Lily lays the foundation for the remainder of the series by introducing the... more
Sharon Ann Wikoff

The VOICE of CHANGE, with Sharon Ann Wikoff hosted Lily Finch

  • by Sharon Ann Wikoff
The VOICE of CHANGE, with Sharon Ann Wikoff, hosted Lily Finch today for the 1st week in an 8-week radio series, called The SONG and The SCIENCE of ENERGY TRANSFORMATION. Lily is an amazing spiritual teacher... more

The VOICE of CHANGE with Sharon Ann Wikoff, hosts Lily Finch in an 8-week series, The SONG & THE SCIENCE of Energy Transformation. Lily, with the gifts of clairaudience, chairsentience, clairvoyance, intuition, psychic, seer... more
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