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The VOICE OF CHANGE brings to internet radio conversations on pertinent aspects of life during these transformational times. The program often takes the form of interviews with spiritual leaders, enlightened teachers, educational professionals, visionaries, innovative educators, alternative medicine therapists such as birth therapists, agents of cultural change and artists. Guests share their perspective, expertise and insights to support, encourage and inspire new ways during these times of change. As host of the show it gives me the opportunity to share my own perspectives and passions. The focus is always on achieving greater harmony, health, happiness, self understanding as well as providing a deeper knowledge of the governing laws and gifts of the Universe. Although there is much chaos taking place on the planet and in the lives of many, the potential for greater understanding, healing and change has never been greater. This is the time to be open to new ideas, new possibilities, and new ways of handling old problems. It is my intention to support individuals during this transitional time by providing inspiring and creative solutions to the challenges being faced. The journey into the new world begins with one new idea, one small step at a time... The VOICE OF CHANGE offers the opportunity to begin anew in each and every moment.

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The Voice of Change...Healing Our Planet, our monthly special, today celebrates the 40th Anniversary of EARTH DAY with Rebecca Valentine and Jessica Jones. Rebecca is an eco geek who lives in Santa Rosa, California. She is the program... more

Today my guest is Jean Scheifele, author of Live Live Live with Enthusiasm. Jean comes from a family of inspirational writers. Her first cousin is Catherine Marshall, author of A Man called Peter, To Live Again, Beyond Ourselves, and Christy.... more

Rima H. Corral, educator, author and PBS television host will join Sharon Ann Wikoff on the Voice of Change. Corral encourages parents to step in and help their children with reading concepts before they even enter school. She... more

Dr. Kari Miller will join me on The Voice of Change...Raising Our Children...Our Future for Part II of Helping Children Succeed. This program will focus on the Four personas, four personal qualities which a parent may exhibit in their... more

Dr. Kari Miller will join Sharon Ann Wikoff on the Voice of Change. Dr. Miller, is a Board Certified Educational Therapist and Director of Miller Educational Excellence Center in Los Angeles. Educational therapy is a specialized... more

The Voice of Change welcomes Dr. Shiroko Sokitch. Shiroko is an unusual physician in that she is able to provide a blend of treatments including Chinese and western medicine. She opened the Heart to Heart Medical Center in Santa... more

During this special I will share about some of the people and groups who are making a difference on the planet today in a very positive way! If you or your organization are involved in such work I invite you to call into the program and... more

The Voice of Change welcomes Jeannine Fox, certified Financial Planner, Certified Public Accountant and the author of the new childrens' book, Feeding Penny Pig. Jeannine believes that teaching kids how to properly manage their... more

The Voice of Change welcomes Erin Clark to the program Thursday, March 11, 5:00 - 6:00 PM PST. Erin is a Feldenkrais Practitioner and has a practice in Ventura, California. She is passionate about raising the awareness of the... more

The Voice of Change is grateful to the artists who allow their music to be played during this show. Tune in tonight to hear the wonderful healing music of William Florian, Jeffrey Jon, and Caitlin LaBoyteaux!
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