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Easy Ways Of Finding Support/Help During Difficult Times

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Sharon Ann Wikoff

Sharon Ann Wikoff


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Today on the Voice Of Change, the topic is: Easy Ways Of Finding Support During Difficult TImes.  Almost every day I hear about another part of the country or world having a new issue.  Some of these problems are major!  Is there a way to connect with a greater support system than we usually do?  It's been my experience that there is and I wanted to share some possibilities with you today.  There are SO many real happenings which are not visible to most.  At 10 years of age, I felt the "Power of the Presence" of something that was "Bigger" than my world, and at that time began seeking more understanding about the invisible side of life.  Tune in to learn more about how one's, INTUTITION, ANGELS, GUIDES, INTENTIONS, VISUALZATIONS, MASTERS, DEITIES, ANCESTORS AND DEVAS can support YOU!   YOU, can be part of such a support system...however, YOU MUST ASK... ASK for their help...ASK for their support.  I'm reminded that asking THREE times, for exactly what you want, is powerful!  In addition, when we actually bless others... and see that what 'we may want, coming to others that have the same need,  this adds even more energy to our request.  In addition, you've probably heard how people have gone without food or water for days, and have lived. They were gifted with the ancient healing practice of BiGu.  It's most popular amongst many Qi Gong Practices.  Penn State University has been doing on research on it here in the States.  Learn how some people remain in the state of BiGu, eating and drinking very little for days, months and actually years.  I'm reminded that for decades, I've been told, that humans use only 10% of their brains.  Perhpas this is the time for us to be open to new possibilities and use the remainding 90 % of our POWER.  Ask and it shall be given.