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The VOICE OF CHANGE brings to internet radio conversations on pertinent aspects of life during these transformational times. The program often takes the form of interviews with spiritual leaders, enlightened teachers, educational professionals, visionaries, innovative educators, alternative medicine therapists such as birth therapists, agents of cultural change and artists. Guests share their perspective, expertise and insights to support, encourage and inspire new ways during these times of change. As host of the show it gives me the opportunity to share my own perspectives and passions. The focus is always on achieving greater harmony, health, happiness, self understanding as well as providing a deeper knowledge of the governing laws and gifts of the Universe. Although there is much chaos taking place on the planet and in the lives of many, the potential for greater understanding, healing and change has never been greater. This is the time to be open to new ideas, new possibilities, and new ways of handling old problems. It is my intention to support individuals during this transitional time by providing inspiring and creative solutions to the challenges being faced. The journey into the new world begins with one new idea, one small step at a time... The VOICE OF CHANGE offers the opportunity to begin anew in each and every moment.

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The Voice of Change brings to the air Abraham Entin, a student of Rudolf Steiner for 40 years and frequent speaker on the issue of corporate control of our society. The topic: Spirit and Revolution-Rudolf Steiner on Social... more
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Today the Voice of Change will have several guests who will share their insights and experiences about Service: The ACT of Giving. Giving can take many many different forms. It can be helping a friend in need, volunteering for an... more

Today the Voice of Change welcomes Suzanne Murray speaking on the subject of Living from Beingness - Tapping into Who We Really Are : Suzanne Murray is a gifted empowerment, creativity and writing coach, writer, poet, EFT practitioner... more

Today Sharon Ann Wikoff will share with listeners the story, Daddy,Why Are We Different?" This is a gentle and loving story, telling a little boy, in ways that he can understand, WHY he is different from his father... because he was not... more

The Voice of Change welcomes Sharon Maser, Founder/Director of the Women's School of Healing Arts and Sciences. Sharon will share her personal experience of healing over the past 2 plus years. Sharon has been... more

Today on the Voice of Change, Suzanne Murray shares with listeners, The Magic of Ireland - Exploring the Thinness of the Veil. When Suzanne mentions the name Ireland people get a wistful, distant gaze in their eyes and breathe out a sigh of... more

The Voice of Change welcomes back gifted creativity and writing coach Suzanne Murray to present the program called: The Heart of Writing - For Creativity, Communication or Clarity. Suzanne Murray is a gifted creativity and writing... more

The Voice of Change welcomes back Jyude Allbright. The title of this program is: Putting Yourself First: For Women on Overload Jyude invites us to ask the question: "What role have you accepted as yours - nurturer or caretaker?" What... more

The Voice of Change welcomes Gary Sherman, speaking on The Mechanics of Awakening. Gary Sherman has mentored hundreds of people in the art of Perceptual Integration, helping them to expand and utilize their endowment of... more

The Voice of Change welcomes Dianne Monroe, Life Mentor and Inner Wilderness Guide to the program. Dianne has over 20 years of experience creating and offering experiential and transformational programs and... more

Today the Voice of Change with Sharon Ann Wikoff will explore what children REALLY need during the holidays. A recent article at DailyMail.co.uk revealed that during the week the amount of family time together on week-ends is about two... more
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