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Welcome to Business Black Belt Radio! Each week I interview an investor, an expert in business development, financing, marketing or management, or an entrepreneur who offers some keen insights into building your business... Today's call can change your future and change your life. My guest, Ti Caine, is the world's leading expert on The Power of the Future™. Most people don't know that this power exists, yet it affects us every moment of every day, and it is literally the key to health, happiness and success! I met Ti about a year ago and was fascinated by his FutureVisioning process. He is the only therapist / coach in the world who has developed an entire healing, life and performance enhancement program based on our relationship to the future. Ti will actually guide us through an exercise to connect with the power of our future. This is the secret that makes people like Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey incredibly successful, and on this call you will learn to FutureVision the way they do. As Stephen Covey said in, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, successful people begin with the end in mind! FutureVisioning teaches you how to do that. Over 30 years ago, Ti used this same information to heal himself from a life threatening illness, so you will also learn how to heal any illness from migraines, to back pain to cancer. #1 Characteristic of super successful people. #1 Blockage that holds back your success and happiness. How typical therapy - going over and over your childhood can damage your success. What does the Mayan Calendar ending in 2012 mean? Why Goal Setting Frequently Fails Learn more about Ti Caine C.H.T. Learn more about JIAN software & template
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