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Village of Abundance Radio - Celebrated Mentors from around the World... Teach how to THRIVE during hard Economic times.

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Welcome to Business Black Belt! My ongoing series on business development. Each week I interview an angel or VC investor, an expert in business development or financing, or an entrepreneur who offers some keen insights... more

Marie Diamond is sharing about connecting with your energy level www.MarieDiamond.com

2013 Boston Marathon Attack Huge Explosion at the West, Texas, Fertilizer Plant Uncertain times? Global financial collapse? Political unrest? Our very first episode of the "Brain Odyssey" (January 2012) pointed out to the "Role of the Brain in... more

http://ThinkRichRadio.com Today's guest, success coach Joyce Barrie, believes YOU can change history. She reminds us that little Rosa Parks, in the seemingly small act of refusing to give up her bus seat, did. Hmm... Barrie says start by... more

Most founders start a new business and adapt their lifestyle to it. Mike Radparvar and his 2 co-founders turned this approach upside down: They designed their dream lifestyle first and then wrapped their business around it. In the midst of... more

What is your # 1 Health Challenge or Concern? What 3 Steps Are You Taking to Overcome or Prevent It? Listen to several experts in their own specific fields of endeavor share from their hearts about their own concerns and what they are... more

Jo Cato, President and CEO, Periwinkle Media Group has built her extraordinarily successful career in she is considered one of the nation's leading experts on the art of maximizing potential, Reinvention, Global Strategy, Entrepreneurship... more

Do you want to appear inexperienced and inept when you talk to property professionals overseas - or would you prefer to present yourself professionally and profitiently? Do you want to risk mis-understandings leading to mishaps,... more

Marie Diamond will explain tonight the basics of Feng Shui. - why is this 4000 year old Scence crucial in creating energy of success - what are the first steps that you need to do - what is the effect and how fast does it work - why is Feng... more

Space Neuroscience: A Special Area Within the Space Life Sciences Space life scientists also would like to learn how space flight and microgravity affect the nervous system. This area of research is known as space neuroscience. The... more
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