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Magic In The Bible - Author Reveals Amazing Things!

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Without question, Moses is enshrined in the Wizards and Magicians’ Hall of Fame as one of the most powerful magicians ever working planet Earth.

The entire victory over Egypt, every single battle and calamity, is accomplished by means of magic. If the books of his works reveal anything, they surely teach one should never engage in war with a competent wizard! Talk about stupidity!

Magic is the effect in the material dimensions of intentions fostered or directed from the metaphysical inner chambers.

There’s LOTS of interesting lessons in the Bible pertaining to magic.

Some say there’s nothing to magic and psychokinesis - because they can’t grasp it with their Cartesian-box minds. But look to the effects. Certainly calling fireballs from Heaven to kill 102 uniformed police officers is a magical trick of tremendous proportions…

The police officers have been massacred… But why don’t you ask their innocent wives and children - uh, widows and orphans - if there’s any real effects to magic? Elijah does just that (2Kgs. 1.9-11).

Elisha misuses his magical powers even worse. His crime against humanity makes some of America’s most heinous school yard massacres appear second rate, respectfully. Undone by the taunts of school kids as he walks his bald head by a playground, he commands two angry “she-bears come out of the woods and tear apart forty-two of the boys” (2 Kg. 2.24). Clearly his ability has outrun his discretion.


Title: Magic In The Bible

Trilogy: Psychic & Paranormal Phenomena In The Bible (3 of 3)

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