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The Dr Marilyn Joyce Show: Meet Rita Soman PSYCH K Expert

  • Broadcast in Health



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Why Do people Struggle in Life?

  • Are you addicted to something or someone?
  • Have you ever feared for your life at the hands of another?
  • Ever asked yourself: Why is this happening to me? How did I attract this tremendous abuse into my life?
  • Then you finally escaped it, and nothing changed? Deep down inside of you NOTHING was different!
  • So, you tried every therapy out there - but the immediate Band Aid effect you experienced quickly dissipated?
  • Then you found yourself right back at square one - unhappy, frustrated, angry helpless, hopeless - and even further down that negative rabbit hole than ever before?

Did you know that it's all about our beliefs? That's right! Our subconscious beliefs - that means our self-defeating limiting beliefs - determine our success or failure! And our special guest, Rita Soman, is no stranger to those self-limiting beliefs that created chaos and havoc in every area of her life. Years of education, both formal and informal, several degrees - and still living in emotional chaos. Then she discovered PSYCH-K® and her life was instantly transformed.

“The missing link between good intentions and effective actions is the ability to align the subconscious beliefs with conscious goals.”~Robert M. Williams originator of PSYCH-K

Get inspired by her story of going from deep despair to complete happiness and fulifillment! For more information click on: www.RitaSoman.com

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