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VNR with host Mike Cavalli

VNR - The Elephant in the room


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All truths pass through three phases. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as self evident

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The bizarre news that an Australian town is to ban bottled water. Last month Aussi water supply was fluoridated followed by the news that the same fate will happen to bottled water. The Pheonix program is alive an well. First used in the... more

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark." Steve shows us how to enjoy magical moments in our life "Nowadays it is not necessary... more

We take a look at at tobacco's checked history from way back when adverts claimed "smoking is good for you". Professor Alan Brandt talks about the history of the tobacco industry - Manufactures statements of the "Electric cigarette"... more

Dr Robert Verkerk from The Alliance for Natural Health campaign explains the consequences of The European union directive that seeks to BAN VITAMINS AND MINERALS from shops. Malaria kills 1.14 million people per year... more

Leading experts tell us Fluoride causes Fluorosis, cancer & our teeth have no benefit from using it.It is the main numbing ingredient in Prozac and is used in Rat poison. Some leading scientists argue that Fluoride is also used for population... more

We take a look at Kevin Trudeau's book "natural cures they don't want you to know about. Steve Ross on the banned Rife machine. The water car, it's been a round for years, so why was it's inverter murdered

In this weeks show we take a look at euthanasia, The UK looks torwards "Medically assisted dying" however, Mike believes "Euthansia" already exsists in Uk and explains why. Julia Armstrong looks at the the problems facing... more

To conincide with mikes talk about reverseing disease naturally, we take another look at the news that hit the headlines about THE BIG AIDS FRAUD. George Thomas talks a little more about reverse speach and Julia Armstrong talks about... more

In this weeks show we introduce cheli Mula from The feelgood centre in the City of London. A fabulous new health clinic where Mike cavalli will be giving a talk on reversing disease naturally and why oxygen depletion is the root of most... more

May day May day!! Vitalis News Radio has an exclusive interview with former commercial airline pilot Captain John Hoyte, He has blown the whistle on airlines who fill the cabin with toxic fumes causing crew (and ourselves) to be unable to... more