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VividLife Radio will connect you to the most current, optimistic and inspiring stories, current affairs and research that pertain to opening your mind: eliminating no’s, can not’s and impossible and empowering you to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life. Our hosts cover topics from current health and wellness issues to spiritually, eco and green living, yoga and meditation and travel to raising conscious children, pets and personal growth. VividLife encompasses everything that contributes to you living happy, healthy and wealthy life!

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Do you want to improve our health in the comfort of your own home?! Join us as Dr. Sue Morter will talks about Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine, and the Quantum Field visionary, Dr. Sue uses these two principals to redirect the flow of energy patterns in the body to activate ones full human potential. She will illuminate the relationship between quantum science and energy medicine. You will learn how to active your full human potential in this amazing 30 minute interview. It will be 30 minutes well spent! Brought to you by
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Being one of the most respected psychic mediums and spirit messengers on the world stage, John takes his work seriously and treats it with the utmost integrity and respect. As he says: “If I can help people connect with someone on the... more

Byron Katie has one job: to teach people how to end their own suffering. When Katie appears, lives change. As she guides people through her simple yet powerful process of inquiry, called The Work, they find that their stressful... more

Sharon Gardner, a Life Choices Counselor and energy medicine practitioner utilizing Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and PanHarmonic healing techniques. She teaches at Santa Barbara City College Adult Education Program and is certified... more

Max Ryan is an Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher. Join him Monday afternoons as he shares many Spiritual & Metaphysical tools and how you can apply then to your life. From A Course in Miracles to Meditation to working with... more

Deshon Fox on Parenting with The Middle Theory

Jenn takes you on a journey to enlighten, encourage and support you in today's rapidly changing world. A weekly show that will cover topics such as:symptoms of energetic drain, balancing techniques for self care and tips for those sensitive to... more

The principals of Emergent 24/7 believe that business has reached the 'Tipping Point' of authenticity. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, borrows the term from sociologists to... more

Dynamic, Humorous, Compelling, Inspirational, Authentic and Bestselling author. Speaking from his heart with enthusiasm and passion, Ola draws audiences into his messages. He is a storyteller with a unique speaking style. He weaves... more

His new book Awakened Wisdom blends Buddhist, Native, and collected wisdoms into a beautifully crafted healing message for our modern culture. Ryan‘s message to his readers is simple and profound: we get to choose how we want to live... more

Over the past 10 years, Christine Arylo, also known as the ‘queen of self-love’ has transformed her own Inner Mean Girl (a.k.a.Mean Patty), given up negative thinking, stopped comparing herself to others, and held a daily practice for over... more
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