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VividLife Radio will connect you to the most current, optimistic and inspiring stories, current affairs and research that pertain to opening your mind: eliminating no’s, can not’s and impossible and empowering you to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life. Our hosts cover topics from current health and wellness issues to spiritually, eco and green living, yoga and meditation and travel to raising conscious children, pets and personal growth. VividLife encompasses everything that contributes to you living happy, healthy and wealthy life!

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Could creating the life of your dreams be as easy as taking a Quantum Jump? The latest quantum technologies have opened the door to a new science of instant transformation—in a moment we can become healthier, smarter, and more confident with better vision, stronger willpower and happier, more abundant and positive lives. Join Sandie and Cynthia as they discuss the idea that we now exist in a holographic multiverse in which we literally jump from one parallel universe to another, how we can experience the role consciousness plays in making a quantum jump, the scientific mechanism behind synchronicity, and practical tools and exercises to help you live your best, most prosperous life. Cynthia Sue Larson is a transformational speaker and best-selling author who writes and teaches about the science of spirituality and how consciousness changes the physical world. Her website has been documenting first-hand reports of reality shifts and quantum jumps for the past 16 years. Endorsed by Dr. Larry Dossey, Fred Alan Wolf, and Stanley Krippner, her newest book, Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity, describes the science of instantaneous transformation emerging from recent research findings in physics, biology, and psychology. Sandie Sedgbeer combines her love of broadcasting with her pioneering work as a life alchemist and consultant advising authors, teachers and speakers in the conscious community how to apply the science of resonance for personal and business success. brought to you by
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Join Edie Weinstein and her guest Linda Bender, DVM as they speak of the unexplained powers of animals to heal us and our world. Veterinarian Linda Bender author of AnimalWisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals... more

Edie Weinstein welcomes international best-selling author Oriah Mountain Dreamer to discuss how to have more intimacy with ourselves and the world. Oriah is the author of the international best-selling books: The Invitation, The... more

Are you working to live the healthiest life possible? If so you won't want to miss Dr. James Rouse's interview he is known for his highly engaging ?Optimum Wellness? TV segments that highlight all areas of a wellness lifestyle,... more

Let's Go to the Movies! (I'll bring the popcorn) Edie Weinstein speaks with author Brent Marchant about the Law of Attraction seen through the lens of popular films. It's been said ?Life is what you make of it.? And now there's a new book that... more

It's been a wild energetic ride over the past year…will this continue in 2015 and beyond? Join Robyn Hessinger for this week's Inspired Guidance: 2015 Energetic Predictions, 2014 Review The energies of December, and for much of... more

Join Liz Dawn as she speaks with the author of Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality, Chris Grosso. Tune into this compelling conversation as Chris reveals what ?a no bullshit exploration of spirituality? truly means. As a... more

Can Food Be Both Delicious and Healthy? Join Edie Weinstein for a tasty treat with Wellness Cooking expert Baker Dan... Baker Dan will share his principles of wellness cooking and his method of reducing and preventing food-related... more

We've all experienced sudden, unexpected, and often painful, life events. Are there any reasons for these events? Or do they just happen?Join Robyn Hessinger for this week's Inspired Guidance radio show: Making Sense of the... more

Are you working to live the healthiest life possible? If so you won't want to miss Dr. James Rouse's interview he is known for his highly engaging ?Optimum Wellness? TV segments that highlight all areas of a wellness lifestyle,... more

What If Life Really Is Like A Box of Chocolates? Join Edie Weinstein and Paul Dengler who travels the country as a Forrest Gump impersonator and expresses the message of miracles that abound in the film. Paul lives the philosophy of... more
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