Anita Moorjani discusses her NY Times Bestseller Dying to Be Me

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VividLife Radio’s Michelle Phillips welcomes NY Times Bestselling Author Anita Moorjani to disccuss her book Dying to be me.

You only live once…or do you?

If you could go back and relive your life differently how would you do it? Would you be more fearless, more confident, more purposeful and kinder or would it be something as simple as loving yourself more deeply and sharing that love with the world?

Michelle’s first guest, Anita Moorjani, experienced the catalyst for that second life in a huge way; after battling cancer for four years she slipped into a coma and was given hours to live. She was then transported to a place of light, clarity and purpose. That purpose was to live and to tell others to give themselves the love and kindness that so many are missing. Anita’s experience and teachings took her  book, Dying to be me, to the NY Times Bestseller List and she was featured on Wayne Dyer’s PBS Special, “Wishes Fulfilled”, Fox News, National Geographic, The Jeff Probst Show, and many more.

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