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VividLife Radio will connect you to the most current, optimistic and inspiring stories, current affairs and research that pertain to opening your mind: eliminating no’s, can not’s and impossible and empowering you to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life. Our hosts cover topics from current health and wellness issues to spiritually, eco and green living, yoga and meditation and travel to raising conscious children, pets and personal growth. VividLife encompasses everything that contributes to you living happy, healthy and wealthy life!

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We hear a great deal about intention, but is changing our lives really as simple as changing our thoughts? Is telepathy a natural attribute? Is humanity really evolving into a higher species? According to visionary speaker, author, and multidimensional communicator, Suzy Miller, ?humanity is going through a process where we are continually being re-calibrated to the highest aspect of who we really are. Join Sandie and Suzy Miller as they discuss telepathy (do we really all have this capability?); intention (is changing our thoughts really the key to changing our lives?); expanding our reality, and what we can learn from the new kids that can help us all evolve… and more. Suzy Miller is a former Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist turned international speaker, Co-founder with physicist Prof. William Tiller (What the Bleep Do We Know?) of the Autism Intention Experiment. Founder of the AWECP Certified Practitioners Program and author of Awesomism: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism. Sandie Sedgbeer combines her love of broadcasting with her pioneering work as a consultant advising authors, teachers and speakers in the conscious community how to apply the science of resonance for personal and business success.
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How can you learn to trust your inner guidance to help you create a more peaceful and deeply fulfilling life? Join Edie as she chats with Grammy nominated artist David Young, speaking about music, meditation and... more

Humanity is evolving. But what kind of human are we evolving into? What capabilities do we really possess? In his book Brave New Mind: Living in a Future Science World, futurist and leading-edge consciousness researcher Dr. Elliott... more

The sense of freedom and intimacy that happens by the sheer willingness to be vulnerable can be life-changing, somethings in ways we could never have expected. It takes courage to let down our defenses and expose the ways we... more

What did your Mama teach you about sex? Join Edie as she chats with Shasta Townsend, author of Happy, Sexy, Shameless – What Our Mothers Didn't Know About the Birds and the Bees. Shasta speaks in an original, and at times... more

A great awakening is taking place. Humanity's consciousness is expanding at a increasingly rapid pace. According to Dr. Meg Blackburn-Losey, this time we're living in is rife with opportunities to step out of the illusion of separation,... more

Love Coach Annette Carpien and host Edie Weinstein discuss how to grow a connected, romantic and alive relationship and respark the energy and romance when it has been lost. Annette Carpien, Professional Certified Coach with the... more

Join Edie Weinstein and her guest Linda Bender, DVM as they speak of the unexplained powers of animals to heal us and our world. Veterinarian Linda Bender author of AnimalWisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals... more

Edie Weinstein welcomes international best-selling author Oriah Mountain Dreamer to discuss how to have more intimacy with ourselves and the world. Oriah is the author of the international best-selling books: The Invitation, The... more

Are you working to live the healthiest life possible? If so you won't want to miss Dr. James Rouse's interview he is known for his highly engaging ?Optimum Wellness? TV segments that highlight all areas of a wellness lifestyle,... more
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