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Informal conversations hosted by science writers Alan Boyle, Jennifer Ouellette, Kelly Hills and Tom Levenson, who, with their guests, explore the often-volatile landscape of science, politics and policy, the history and economics of science, science deniers and its relationship to democracy, and the role of women in the sciences. Produced by Sherry Reson. Hosted in Second Life by the Exploratorium.

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Marc Abrahams, creator of the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony and editor of the Annals of Improbable Research returns to talk with Cosmic Log's Alan Boyle. B0yle on strange science. "Last, but not least, there are the Ig Nobel awards. These come with little cash, but much cachet, and reward those research projects that 'first make people laugh, and then make them think'" — Nature Follow @MarcAbrahams @B0yle
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Science Writer Jennifer Ouellette talks with complexity theorist Simon DeDeo, Research Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute, about the basis for approaching an understanding of complex social systems, e.g. Wiki.

Phil Plait comes by to talk with Alan Boyle about the Apollo 11 anniversary, moon hoaxes you have known, and the outlook for lunar science and exploration. Follow @BadAstronomer @B0yle

Tom Levenson talks with David Dobbs about the current crazed, crazy-making, intensely exciting state of the study of genetics and the false choice betwen nature and nurture. Follow @David_Dobbs @TomLevenson More

Neuro.... prosthetics. Jennifer Ouellette talks with Malcolm MacIver, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern about robotics, neuroscience, bio-inspired robotics, and robotics-inspired... more

In advance of the upcoming IPCC release. Roger Pielke, Prof of environmental studies at the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder talks with host Alan Boyle climate policy, and... more

Jennifer Ouellette talks with JPL planetary scientist Kevin Hand -- consultant on the new film "Europa Report" -- about the science behind the film, his own work recreating conditions on Europa in the lab, why hydrothermal vents are so... more

Alan Boyle hosts a free-wheeling conversation about the first year of Curiousity on Mars, with reminiscences of what the landing was like, how the mission has been going, and what lies ahead. Alan is joined by Science Fiction writer Doug... more

Host Tom Levenson - filmmaker, author and professor of science writing at MIT talks with David Epstein. An investigative reporter writing about sports science & medicine for Science News and Sports Illustrated, David Epstein is author of... more

NBC Digital Science Editor Alan Boyle visits with NBC News 'Space Analyst' James Oberg talk about the upcoming Apollo 11 anniversary, myths surrounding Apollo, and perhaps the ?no girls allowed? issue.... more

Tom Levenson - filmmaker and Prof of Science Writing at MIT - talks with science writer and journalist Russ Rymer about writing fiction and non fiction, the relation of writing to science and art to science. The discuss Rymer's third book... more
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