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Informal conversations hosted by science writers Alan Boyle, Jennifer Ouellette, Kelly Hills and Tom Levenson, who, with their guests, explore the often-volatile landscape of science, politics and policy, the history and economics of science, science deniers and its relationship to democracy, and the role of women in the sciences. Produced by Sherry Reson. Hosted in Second Life by the Exploratorium.

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A physicist at Fermilab, member of the science team for the Compact Muon Solenoid at the Large Hadron Collider and the author of two books about the LHC, ?The Quantum Frontier? and ?The Large Hadron Collider? Don Lincoln has also written a book about the scientific as well as cultural aspects behind our interest in the search for extraterrestrial life, titled ?Alien Universe.? An enthusiastic science popularizer, he shares video, news and events through many media, including Facebook
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Jacquelyn Morie – All These Worlds, LLC – on identity and virtual worlds. A conversation with science writer Jennifer Ouellette. Virtually Speaking Science episodes are hosted by Alan Boyle, Kelly Hills, Tom Levenson &... more

?Humankind hasn't had an experience like this–an encounter with a new planet–in a long time,? said Alan Stern, New Horizons' principal investigator. ?Everything we see on Pluto will be a revelation.? Countdown to... more

Drawing from opposing perspectives of Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, ethicists Kelly Hills & Janet Stemwedel talk about philosophy and science, and what philosophy brings to science. @docfreeride @rocza

U.S. space effort's aversion to risk stunts our expansion into the final frontier and made America more dependent on Russia. Rand Simberg ?recovering aerospace engineer? and author of ?Safe Is Not an Option,? talks with Alan Boyle.

Meet ethicist Kelly Hills the newest Virtually Speaking Science host. She and Jennifer Ouellette talk about nontraditional academic paths, the importance of pop culture to bioethics, why we watch reality TV. Virtually Speaking... more

Tom Levenson talks with Annalee Newitz, founding editor of writer: and author of 'Scatter, Adapt and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction Follow: @annaleen @tomlevenson... more

Jennifer Ouellette talks with astronomer Ray Jayawardhana, author of ?The Neutrino Hunters? about why these ghost particles are so endlessly fascinating to physicists, and why the Higgs boson is soooo 2012. Tweet questions to... more

Theoretical Physicist & Futurist Michio Kaku explores the frontier of neuroscience in "The Future of the Mind." Kaku and Alan Boyle discuss brain science as well as the latest news about the inflationary Big Bang and other mysteries of the... more

Jennifer Ouellette hosts physics science writer Amanda Gefter. They compare notes on writing about physics as non-specialists ; then talk about Amanda's new book ?Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn.? Follow @AmandaGefter... more

Tom's guest is Eileen Pollack, professor of creative writing at the University of Michigan. She is at work on 'Approaching Infinity: A Memoir of Women in Science.'... more
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