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Interview with Author Braxton Cosby to promote his new book "The Windgate"

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Yvonne Wilcox

Yvonne Wilcox


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Braxton Cosby is the nephew of Bill Cosby and he is promoting the release of his new book "The Windgate"

Braxton A. Cosby is a dreamer with a vision of continuously evolving and maximizing the untapped potential of the human spirit. Braxton received a lot of his inspiration from watching the accomplishments and exploits of his famous uncle, comedic legend Bill Cosby.

Braxton received his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Miami. Braxton has made it his personal mission to change lifestyles – one bad habit at a time. And now he’s getting you in shape. “I feel that God has given me a calling to help people,” says Cosby.

He is a certified Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.

You may preview and purchase The School of Ministry: The Windgate by Braxton Cosby on Amazon.com

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0:02 Yvonne Wilcox

Hi! This is Yvonne Wilcox from 2 Hot 4 Airwaves. Today, I will be interviewing Braxton Cosby to introduce his book, The School of Ministry: The Windgate. The Windgate tells a story of a young man who is on a quest of discovery for the truth, the truth about his past, his identity and his future. Along the way he discovers that he has a talent and gifts to see demons and to also stop or manipulate time. He is recruited by a secret society and trained some mass of the skills. While searching for the love of his life, Stephanie, who has mysteriously gone missing right around the time of his recruiting. The young man also finds himself caught up in a double love triangle and must somehow make a choice between going back to the life he knows or the adventure that awaits him in his uncertain future. When I read the synopsis which was one that Braxton gave on his website, one of his website to that went to review. I don't wanna reveal the character name because I want you guys to stay tuned. I want you to actually go to Amazon and look for the book and be able to ask questions and send a review because artist needs to have someone to review it. We wanted people to purchase the book, but also give some feedback, that's most important along with selling the book is also feedback and let us know that you enjoyed the book. It was something that he took time to write and he wanna make sure that he has the support of the public for his writings and also stay tune and stay informed. Braxton, what is your motivation or inspiration to become an author?

1:58 Braxton Cosby

Well, I think first of this was nothing that I just kinda decided that I wanted to do one day. I was -- my craft really isn't filled with therapy I'm a physical therapist. I got my masters and my doctors in physical therapy and I've really been using my hands to help people. Majority of my life I've been in this career about 13 years now and this was something I have a call and check rewrite. I was in church one day and I felt like God was calling me to do something. Actually, our bishop was praying and he said that he felt like God was calling somebody to do something especially maybe even something that they had never experienced before in their lives but nobody was asking how God would use them, so I said "Well, you know God what would you have me do?" And I heard of mainly this voice in my head said "I want you to write." Write a book and I'm like about "What?" And the first book that I have started right there during the service as a script on a piece of paper of my first book which is Protostar, which is coming out next year. I started scripting that whole story line right there in church and before you know it three months later I had a 90,000 word on manuscript before me and still trying to realize what I would do with it. So I embark on this journey and figure out how it get publish what is all that have been used and the avenues you can go about getting publish as an author. Two years after that I ended up writing the story now which is the new series which is the School of Ministry series and the book that you just mentioned which is The Windgate. So here I am with two series that feel like God place upon my heart to write that I really and I love with. I love the characters, I love the setting, I love the depth of the story, I love the uniqueness of it. So I'm now branded as an author and a system that I really fall in love with doing.

4:01 Yvonne Wilcox

Okay. My next question is, is writing just a hobby or it is more of a career choice? In other words would you stop everything else if you could and just be a full time author?

4:13 Braxton Cosby

You know, I've been asked that question before and I think the easy answer when I first started was yes I loved it, something I was going to do. It was so new and fresh to me and when you get a new baby you are excited about doing everything with that and in this project of writing. I just really needed to just piece together all the ideas that I had for writing great stories and put them to work. So yeah, I was excited about that but I felt like that wasn't it. I don't think that was where I was gonna stop. I just felt the spirit of entrepreneurship on me and now God is gonna called me to doing a little bit more than just that. I kinda -- I started a new company with my partner, Leon, and now we've got Cosby Media production has been birth and we're now just working on multiple projects. We're a multimedia studio now with books and movies and television and radio shows and music so now it's expanded. I think that the birth of that idea to actually do something new and get out of just what I thought I would be doing the rest of my life is where I started and now things have just kinda blossom so I think my career choice now is really CEO and just being use somewhat of a renaissance man to do anything that I believe was a great project that is positive, that's gonna influence people's lives and also hopefully encourage them and inspire them to do great things as well.

5:53 Yvonne Wilcox

What was the motivation for this particular novel, was it something that you had seen on television or which is you brainstormed or it just came as a whim just an idea that came into your head and you decide it? You know what I think I'm going to write a novel called the School of Ministry: The Windgate. So tell us just a little bit about what was on your mind when you decide to write this novel?

6:20 Braxton Cosby

It was funny. I was actually playing around with the idea because when I first got my first novel finished somebody come up to me and said "You know, you just really need to write a very new story for young people that they can be encouraged, that really speak to the hearts and minds of the younger generation about just being positive and overcome in circumstances and perseverance through great trials." And I said, "Uhm, you know that sound like a great idea." Really, The Windgate, I feel like a spirit of success to some of the other series like the Harry Porter series because I've just really wanted to speak to the idea of being doubt a very bad hand as a main character of this book is being orphan really early in life, but still have the tenacity and intentional fortitude to get up and to carve out a new direction in his life. So the inspiration here was really like, "well how would I capture that, how would I compartmentalized a story like this, a struggle" and what came to me was the story of a young boy who is orphan like you read earlier who has got all these things going on. He's got these emotions, the woman he has been in love with for years seek really a good friend of him, meeting a new woman now in his life who was a spark in this new emotion and these new thoughts and meeting new people and character so he is not sure he should trust, but he feels this burning desire inside of him to partaken this adventure that he can just feel he is right on the edge or the rim of -- of actually dive in into something that he has never ever imagine being a part of this secret society that actually does good and they gonna trained him to be this warrior. So I got all the concepts -- a brainstorm and put those pieces together.

8:19 Braxton Cosby

And what the book really comes down to the power of choice and I think that is something that people don't realize that they do have choices in life whether you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth, whether you're born in orphan, whether you're born in poverty. You do have a choice to actually get up and try to do something that was great, but you just have to have focus and you have to make your dreams real and you have to have a passion for what you're doing and I think that's really what this book embody. So the tagline of the book is to choose its faith and each book in the series will have that same kind of a tagline to choose as something else, but in this book it really just talks about how our faith is dictated by the choices that we make.

9:03 Yvonne Wilcox

I also noticed that you are a personal trainer. How important is staying healthy, being healthy and still in healthy just a people that are much like yourself a writer that probably spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk or the people that blog. How important is it to stay healthy and be able to get out and do something? I noticed that a lot of children are gaining a lot of weight because they are sitting in home with the eggs locks in, no more inside thing. So tell us a little bit more about being healthy and staying healthy?

9:39 Braxton Cosby

Well, they are just critically important that we all have our bodies ready to be used. I mean it can be one day you might be walking down the street and maybe you need to walk run into clich�� of this running to a burning building and rescue somebody or event just going call for help. I think it's very important to be healthy because God wants to use you, but this is also that the world needs you to able to get up and going to do things. I think you said the examples as parents as mentors. One of your first testimonies is your parents. So people do judge you by that unfortunately, we do have eyes and that's our biggest sensory organ in our body, it picks up everything we first experience anything with our eyes. So people do judge you and I think sometimes your testimony or how you're gonna encourage or inspire somebody based on your parents. But to me it goes much deeper than that. It's not just about your size but it's how you feel. It's what your numbers dictate. I saw people outside I think a 500 pounds, but when you are a doctor and you get your blood drawn and they look at your cholesterol count, they look at your blood pressure, they look at your glucose levels and your sugar. What do those numbers say? If those numbers say you're fine and hey you know you continue to just do you. You continue to eat and do whatever you're doing to gain all the weight, but unfortunately you are playing a dangerous game and there is a correlation directly with the amount of weight that you have on your body and how fit and healthy you are. So those things will catch up with you somewhere and hopefully you know, something tragic does happen to you where now somebody else has to take on that burden of taking care of you so I really stressed to people that it's just so important to get out there, be healthy, eat right, be active, use all the time that you have on this planet to do great things and if you're not healthy then you really are gonna limit how much you can be a part of the experience of life and help somebody else.

11:53 Yvonne Wilcox

As I am sure all of us probably wanna know, who is the real Braxton behind the spotlight? Give us a little bit about you, who you are as a person? Some can get a feel for you guys I would like to know that a person as a celebrity and also I would like to know if that person is a real person, so let us know about the real Braxton.

12:17 Braxton Cosby

I would say it's just like I put on my bio a lot of times. I'm really just a dreamer. I'm really have made myself more as an artist. When I came up as a young man my biggest thing I used to love to create and I had an eye for artistry so I would really draw and sketch out things. I even made a small comic book when I was coming up through grade school. So I've always loved the autonomy that you have when you're an artist, when you're able to just to make your own thing in that. That covers music, you know paintings, landscape, anything where you can be a part of the creative process I really enjoy. So I think that in there you have to be a visionary, you have to be a dreamer and I think that's what I would character myself is that I'm a dreamer. If you say, "Hey, Braxton, we want to do X, Y and Z" then I'll say, "Okay, well, do you have all the components and how much it is gonna be as far as your resource will you have enough, will you be able to carry this out as just something that's gonna have longevity?" So I think I look at the entire vision and I just don't really have limitations as long as you love what you're doing and you're not bothering anybody I think it's more than critical that you have the outlet to go and create and to make things and to do fantastic works with your hands and I think that's really all I am even with physical therapy and begin a trainer and nutritionist, I'm creative. I talk to people a lot, I like to engage people even with my treatments I do things that outside of the box and I just love to continually re-evolve and recreate whatever I am today. I want to do something different tomorrow so the same thing with my story I want unique story that I write. I want product that we bring on with Cosby Media productions.

14:13 Braxton Cosby

I want unique stories, I want unique artist, I want to be able to put folks on a platform where they can express to individuality because I think there are definitely an audience for everybody. If you're doing something positive and if anything that's just what I am unless a dreamer who has caught up in the journey of life and I want to just continue to do amazing things with that opportunity I have.

14:42 Yvonne Wilcox

Give us one quote you will use to define yourself.

14:50 Braxton Cosby

One quote I will use to define myself is -- one thing I have learned and it's a bit of wisdom to this, it's the more you know the more you may know too much so I think I have learned to not take myself so seriously and get offended by things that people say or critiques that they give and just know that anything that I put my hands to I have to love it first and I have to accept what I do and I have to enjoy what I've done and if I can appreciate it of course I want the whole world to love it, but as long as I can say "Hey, I did my best" then I can accept that and I don't have to -- it doesn't have to please everyone.

15:33 Yvonne Wilcox

What type of music do you listen to?

15:37 Braxton Cosby

I'm a big fan of artist, people who just go and create. I almost listen to anybody if they really have a passion for what they do. I grew up in the time in the 80s with the Beastie Boys, Run DMC and all the great rappers out there and of course Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, and just so many great artist and talents and over time I've evolved to just really listening to every landscape of music and that goes Maroon 5 and John Mayer so anybody out there who is doing a different thing but I can see the passion in what they do and they make music for themselves like Maxwell somebody other artist, that's what I'm drawn to. Those people I just have such a respect for because they stay consistent in what they do and you know it's their sound, you know it's their passion and not evolve and trying to change it to match what the trends are and that there is a lot of respect for that. So any music that really has a message behind it and people put in efforts and it's original I'm willing to listen to it and enjoy.

16:50 Yvonne Wilcox

Who is your favorite artist or group?

16:58 Braxton Cosby

I am a throwback guy. I really like so of the old singers from back in a day, The Temptations and if you bring a little bit further a little bit younger from when I grew up I was really a big fan of New Edition. Now, I do love Maroon 5 I think they have a fantastic town and a sound. So, I don't really have a favorite, I think that the type of music that I really love is somewhat of a romantic, so I grew up listening to some other crooners out there and the guys who really put in together fantastic words like Ne-Yo today really remains me a lot of Babyface back in the day when I grew up. So those are just some talents who really create a landscape for your ears so to say when you listen to the music, when that song comes on it has a very distinct beat a good sound to it and then the melody is there and the words actually mean something, those are some of my favorites now and I use respect for artist like Justin Timberlake and of course John Mayer and some of the young guys that are coming up now, who I think have put together some great sounds in the majority of their music like I said I like Ne-Yo and also -- I'm a big fan of The Neptunes and I would say one more who I listen to pretty consistently is really Maxwell very soulful sound and very late back kind of...

18:38 Yvonne Wilcox

I just you are very proud of your children, I know a lot of books are fed up. The help threw and our proud of our children we love to think that altitude on the best children in the world, but a question do your children have any interest on what you do? Do you have any children that are interested in being an author?

18:58 Braxton Cosby

My oldest daughter really, really loves to entertain. She wannabe in entertainer in some capacity. I know that for sure because this is the passion are very few wanted to do it since she can actually sing. So she does a little bit of everything singing, act, dance so I think that is matriculated down to her she did necessary want to be an author but she wants to perform. I don't really know where my middle of my youngest are yet because they're still young, but they definitely don't mind getting in front of the crowd and be a little hammy, but definitely my oldest daughter somebody who want to shape and mold and just make sure that she has a head on straight and that she really loves what she does not for all the things that come with it but what she can actually give to people at art form.

19:51 Yvonne Wilcox

Are you involve in any type of charity or projects to help the community? And it's thought to be, let us know exactly how you are involved in so again encourage others to get involved.

20:04 Braxton Cosby

Actually, I do work with the group that helps orphans in Guatemala called What Matters Most Ministries. They actually build foster homes down in Guatemala and they take in runway sick children who have been abandoned and abused, they take them in and that you know my heart is really into young people and fostering great relationships and mental opportunities with them so I do help out what matters most financially, mainly just because of the distance although I would like to travel there one day and actually see the children and meet with them but anything I can do to help support their ministry along the way I'm definitely open to and available.

20:53 Yvonne Wilcox

What are some of your dreams outside of being the author with the best selling novel 2013, 2014, what are some of your dreams that you wanna share with us?

21:11 Braxton Cosby

What would be fantastic to me, I did a book signing with my uncle back in 2012 and I just saw so many people that he had impacted and you know directly he didn't talk to him directly, but the product that he put on his books, his TV shows, his movies, his comedy. It touched too many people's lives and they just came in the show with so much appreciation. They all share the stories about when they first saw him do this to that and how it does change them and how they just couldn't wait to through the night to see this show and how it just changed their family. If anything that I can do of put together has that much of an impact to just even and one person come to me and said, "Man, you really change my life" to something that I have a passion for doing and I feel like I have a calling those place in my life to do. I mean that would be a dream come true to me.

22:06 Yvonne Wilcox

Upon though my research I also found out that the School of Ministry: The Windgate is gonna be a series of novels. So you wanna let us know when the next one is coming out or you want us to be just surprise and just like a one day and see, "Oh, there's part two" or you gonna just give us a little bit of taste like, "Hey, the next one is coming out on this date" or planned to coming out as scheduled. So I give you the floor to let us know more about the upcoming parts of this series.

22:40 Braxton Cosby

Yeah, The School of Ministry series started off as a very long series but I have recently kinda shift the gear and decided to consolidate things a lot because I don't wanna stretch the books out and make people -- I have a lot of money acts of questions. I'm tired of writing and do a lot of planting so I plant, or I do like a lot of set up where I say one thing leads down the road and then totally shift gears and then come back to it later on the book so I kinda feed the readers and keep their interest. So I wanna do the same thing with both book series where they're not awaiting on the fifth book to get something answer their question that came up from book one. So I pretty much chop it down now into a trilogy. I know how it ends and understand what evolution of the care does it gonna be, and the second book I'm actually currently working on now and I hope to have that one out by the fall of next year as well so that the readers can expect every fall the new book will be coming out and I think what people can expect in the next book is really the same kind of action, the same thrilling plot lines. The entry will be boast a little bit more, I think with sequence we have to almost double everything so I wanna put double the action, double the talents of the characters, the gifts of the characters and really that who done it piece that I had in the first one, I definitely wanna kinda drop that on his head and spin it a little bit so that you are constantly reading and not knowing what's going on and what's behind the scene. So I think there is a great expectation with the second book coming out. I mean The Windgate has been very successful. It's won two awards, the Literary Classics Book Award and the Reader's Favorite Book Award for 2013, Young Adult Book of the Year. And I think definitely the pressure is there and because I set a good standard with the first series of the foundation the first book of the series so by the time the second one comes out I just want to make sure it is even that much more better for those readers that want to see what's coming out next for the characters in the book.

24:51 Yvonne Wilcox

So you just didn't stop writing a thriller as a novel. I also note that you're gonna be story in a thriller move called The Snare with Stephen Baldwin, one of my favorite actor. So I am kinda like excited about that when I found it out so you wanna tell us a little bit more about The Snare. Don't tell us too much, don't spoil it. Everyone definitely want to be able to go and see it and be "ahhed" and "ohhed" like we will be reading the book. And now your book is pretty interesting so I know a pop of them be steal kind of reading it when the movie come out. Do you want to give us a little bit more information about the movie?

25:28 Braxton Cosby

Yeah. I can't talk too much about it. What I can say is that it is a supernatural thriller that deals with the end times and a conspiracy that's been unveiled to the world at least not just yet but to the main characters who find out that things are going on behind the scene and they wanna make sure that their families are safe and that they kind of blow the horn on the organization that's behind everything. There is a lot of intrigue twist and just a very different take on what people have probably seen so far with a lot of the end times movies. So I think that people gonna be very pleased with the overall effect of the book -- I mean of the movie. I have a lot of respect for the director and the cast that's behind it and I'm really excited just to be a part of something that's gonna be so amazing. So just look forward to that coming out sometime next year as well.

26:35 Yvonne Wilcox

Do you have any other words you wanna share with our listeners that we have not covered so far? If so the mic is yours.

26:45 Braxton Cosby

I think my big piece that I tell people a lot is that there is definitely opportunity for everybody to do amazing things in this world and I just see so many people who do a lot of talking and really don't do a lot of acting on what their dreams are, I think that there are no limitations. We have a huge planet with billions of people who are ready to embrace folks that wanna do positive things and impact other people's lives and I just don't think that there is any limitation for one and what you can do and definitely we work in a system where we have a limitless God who really does want to implore us to act and to do a phenomenal acts in his name. So I love that he just encourage people and speak life into what they do into their dreams and just inspire other people from my examples to see what I have come from and where I am now and where I really meant it to be in the end as well. So I would just tell any of your listeners to just -- if you got a dream, men, write it down, make it real, hanging it up on the wall, look at it everyday and be fearless after going after it and do whatever is necessary just to make that dream come true because the great thing about life is that you know, you can get knocked down but you can get back up again and you can try even harder the next time.

28:10 Yvonne Wilcox

Okay, upon closing of this interview I'm sure there are some people that you want to give a shot out to, you want to thank and because they're probably a part of your life and making sure that you have the free time and you have the support to be able to write wonderful novels. So at this time I will let you have the mic to thank anyone and everyone that are special to you, that helped you, that support you in your career.

28:39 Braxton Cosby

Definitely, I would acknowledge my mother, Sharon Cosby, for doing such an amazing job of supporting me and speaking life into me. Definitely my wife, Natalie, who has been a huge support and my girls who just inspire me, my three daughters. These inspire me daily to be a better father and of course a better husband as an example to them. Definitely want to give a lot of credit and thank you to my fantastic staff over at Cosby Media Productions, Danielle and Leanne, as we continue to go forward as a venture of just making this amazing entertainment studio and just build up the brand in 2014, go on forward and beyond with that and just anybody who has impacted my life I mean teachers, professors, mentors over the years who have just continue to encourage, I mean every little bit that they said where they just thought I wasn't listening is obviously made an impact today. And of course the example set by my fabulous uncle Bill Cosby in all that he has done has really set the stage for me to try to go forward and just say, "hey, even conceivable it's definitely something that I can do" so he has been an achievement in himself with his life and definitely inspire me to do greater things so I am very appreciative in everybody who has been a part of anything that I've done in my life up to this point.

30:12 Yvonne Wilcox

Upon closing this interview I want to ask to leave his website it's braxtoncosby.com. Call them and make sure you show some love and support for his previous novels and future novels. This is Yvonne Wilcox from 2 Hot 4 Airwaves, formally Virtual City Radio. Stay informed, stay tune, stay blessed. Peace out.