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The violet flame is the original fountain of youth. It dissolves the negative energy that is trapped as substance between atoms and cells so we can be free to become the fullness of God, and fulfill our life's purpose. Join me as I share a teaching and mantra that invokes the violet flame each day. The violet flame is the secret to creating miracles, like I share in my book, Miracles, Masters and Mirth, www.miraclesandmasters.com. please visit our beautiful new website and learn everything you can about the violet flame at www.violetflamemiracles.com Then join other spiritual seekers in our Antahkarana web of light at www.lightworldwide.net. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and receive some beautiful gifts.

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The violet flame is the transmutative power of the Holy Spirit. It will change world conditions and hte consciousness behind it. There is so much violence and strife going on right now. Let's transmute that energy and all negative prophecies... more

Let's invoke the violet flame, in the name of Saint Germain, to dissolve the current and ongoing tension in the Gaza Strip and all surrounding areas. Let's also ask for this healing and transmuting action of the Holy Spirit to go to the whales and... more

Come and join us as we invoke the spiritual energy of the violet flame for our nation, for our world and for our personal lives. It's an uplifting and necessary action of transmutation! in the flame of Liberty!

This memorial day, let's invoke the violet flame to help dissolve the consciousness behind wars, terrorism and the build up of war, both in the macrocosm and even in our own microcosm.

Today, we are calling for the violet flame of Heaven to descend upon earth for the healing of all life, and especially the youth of the world and the nature kingdom, the pine trees, the bees, and wherever there is a need for spiritual... more

The violet flame is the fountain of youth, joy, mercy and forgiveness. Let's invoke it into our world and see how it transforms the world around us too. Many violet flame blessings to you!

Let's keep the violet flame rolling for Ukraine, Venezuela, Russia, China, America and the entire world. The violet flame dissolves the strongholds of the fallen ones, those who align themselves with darkness rather than light out of selfishness,... more

Let's invoke the violet flame of God through the heart of Jesus and Saint Germain to mitigate the crises in Ukraine, in the US economy vs. the Chinese, and in the ecosystem of this planet, specifically the Yellowstone Caldera. This seventh ray... more

Join me as we invoke heaven's freedom flame in mantras and prayers and send blessings to all lightbearers upon earth, as well as to the elemental spirits of the nature kingdom.

Join me in giving some violet flame mantras to bless the New Year!
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