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Create miracles with the violet flame mantra workshop


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The violet flame is the original fountain of youth. It dissolves the negative energy that is trapped as substance between atoms and cells so we can be free to become the fullness of God, and fulfill our life's purpose. Join me as I share a teaching and mantra that invokes the violet flame each day. The violet flame is the secret to creating miracles. Please visit our beautiful website to learn more about the violet flame at www.violetflamemiracles.com and join our online spiritual mandala www.lightworldwide.net. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and receive some beautiful gifts.

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Sending violet flame into Islamic terrorism, LGBT issues and gun control and calling for the transmutation of all political leveraging of these events and manipulations of energies from the astral plane. Calling for America's healing,... more

Calling forth violet fire, purple rain for the transmutation of chemtrails and for the healing of our land and air and ocean from all harmful geo-engineering, known and unknown.

Let us invoke the violet flame for Ecuador, Japan and for all places on this planet where we see earthquakes, floods cataclysm and loss of life.

As North Korea continues its nuclear arms build up and violent rhethoric, we invoke the violet flame of the Holy Spirit to transmute war, terror and insanity.

Some days are heavier than others, individually and collectively, as negative karma comes back for transmutation on a personal and planetary level. The violet flame is the spiritual solution that we have been given to help lift the... more

Saint Germain is the master of the Age of Aquarius, the sign of divine love. This Valentine's day, let's send him love and gratitude for the gift of the violet flame-- the loving, healing, transmuting etheric energy that blesses all life when we... more

From migrants, to terrorism, to the economy, to the elections, let's give the planet a violet flame lift.

The violet flame is a spiritual tool that we use in the turning of cycles--birthday cycles, new year cycles. Let's invoke it to help transmute the challenges of the times and accelerate toward a greater self-mastery and collective wholeness.

Let's invoke the violet flame by giving mantras and decrees to transmute the collective addiction that manifests as excessive materialism in the Christmas season.

Let us invoke the seventh ray action of the Holy Spirit to dissolve the cause and core of terror, fanaticism and hatred and call for the comforting of those who have lost their lives or loved ones in these tragic events in Paris.
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