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The Gnostic Bridge: Connecting Our Ancient Wisdom to Modern Times


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Gnosis is esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth held by the ancient Gnostics to be essential to salvation. This ancient knowledge is still being conveyed today in our movies, books, music and many other outlets. Yet, are we lacking the eyes to see and ears to hear? Join an enlightening discussion featuring Gnostic Teacher Magus Richard Bullard and host Vinette Edge as they discuss how we can use these outlets to bridge our ancient wisdom to modern times and evolve our consciousness.

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HOW ALTARS ALTER REALITY Pt. 2: Turning Your Home Into A Spiritual & Financial EMPOWERMENT Zone Turn your house/apartment into your personal spiritual and financial business district and empowerment zone. This is a... more

THE MAGICK OF THE ALTAR How Altar's Create Alters of Perception To Transform Reality A Major Key in our spiritual evolution is when we learn the importance of constructing Alters of Divine perception through the use of Altars... more

On the next GNOSTIC BRIDGE RADIO BROADCAST with Vinette Credle Edge and Magus Richard Bullard . . . "THE COST OF BECOMING CONSCIOUS: When Leaving Religion Cost You Everything The choice of transitioning from a... more

REAL TALK WITH MAGUS: BLACK TOWN USA CAN IT BE SAVED? Tonight's Gnostic Bridge Radio Broadcast asks the questions what must African Americans become and do to resurrect and transform their communities to become habitats... more

QUANTUM SECRETS TO SUCCESS Join Vinette Credle Edge and Magus Richard Bullard for the GNOSTIC BRIDGE RADIO BROADCAST @ 7pm EST/ 6pm CST as we Explore The Law of Attraction & Neurolinguistic Programming... more

WHO IS JESUS: A MYTH, MESSIAH OR A MIND CONTROL FOR THE MASSES This is Ask Magus June on the Gnostic Bridge so feel free to question and discuss these issues: 1. Did Jesus Exist? 2. What Color Was Jesus and Does It... more

Inside the Mind of a Spiritual Warrior Who Wins ACQUIRING A KILLER INSTINCT Where are the Gnostic Warriors in your community? These are the men, women, husbands and wives who fight to bring forth that which is THE... more

Inside The Mind of A Spiritual Warrior Who Wins pt 2: THE DHARMA & THE DESTINY OF LIFE In a world of polarity and conflicting perspectives, opinions, and personalities, how does the Spiritual Warrior win without becoming a... more

INSIDE THE MIND OF A SPIRITUAL WARRIOR WHO WINS "Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." (Jesus, the Christ) We go inside the mind of a Spiritual Warrior to discern and... more

INVOKING THE DARK MOTHER GODDESS FOR TIMES LIKE THESE Without question our world needs transforming. And if world regeneration is to take place it will happen because of Gnostic, self actualized women who are being... more