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I've always thought that having football at 10 AM in the morning would be pretty awesome. It looks like I'm going to find out tomorrow whether or not that is accurate or not. As with any other week, we'll be looking at games that I find... more

Bumping the show up a day because ain't nobody got time to the show during or after the Florida State/Notre Dame game. As usual, I will be giving my poorly informed and weakly supported arguments about who I think is going to win this... more

Another week passes, and another week arrives in which I think, "Maybe the Jags will actually win this week." Ah, the joys of being a fan of team that loses far too often. But the Jags are not the only team in the NFL. There are more games to... more

I had a run of a couple weeks where I actually had decent show descriptions. Now, unfortunately, it seems we're back to the one or two sentences that I'm prone to writing. Oh well. We'll be talking football and stuff this week, as usual.

Bye weeks are here, and so too is Blake Bortles. The long nightmare that Jags fans have had is now over. Rejoice, for we may yet win games! But not this week. Maybe next week. Maybe. I hear there are other games happening this week... more

No controvery, only games now. And what a good slate of games we have this week, the last full week of NFL games until week 13.

Boy, that escalated quickly. We'll just be looking at the games this week, and attempting to avoid talk of all the drama that's been going on as of late (I'm sure if the Vikings/Patriots game gets brought up then Adrian Peterson will be... more

The regular season is finally here, where upsets and season-long disappointment abounds. But not yet. This is a time of hope and happiness, where everyone starts off with the same record (yeah, I know there was a game on Thursday,... more

We've saved the best preview for last: the AFC South, which is by far the best division in the NFL. Even is for some weird reason the division isn't very good this season, at the very least, the division should be competitive. Do the Colts have... more

After last week's look at the uber boring AFC East, we've bounced back to take a look at the much more interesting NFC East. Is RG3 the future for the Redskins? Will the Giants bounce back from last season's mediocrity? Will the Cowboys... more