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Tonight we'll be looking at our next group of prospects, those on the offensive line. I don't know if any good will come of this, or if the show will just devolve into forty-five minutes of randomness, but hopefully at the very least it will be... more

Now that the free agency recaps are through, we're moving back to our weekly looks at positions of import in this year's NFL draft. Tonight's show will focus on wide receivers and tight ends, and with any luck, will be more productive and... more

We should be commended on how little we got accomplished in the first show. Hopefully things will be more fruitful in the next show.

With our focus on RB prospects over with, we can now move to what everyone wants; free agency discussion. We'll try to get it all done in one show, but if that's not possible I'll do another show directly after this one.

Tonight we'll be looking at the RB prospects of the 2015 NFL Draft. At least that's the plan. What will probably happen instead is that the topic will quickly move from RBs to the FA action this week, which will probably go one to span three... more

Just as the title says, we'll be looking at some of the QB prospects for this year's draft. Could be Winston and Mariota heavy, or we might only briefly discuss them and move on to other QBs. That remains to be seen. We'll also probably look... more

Now that the combine has ended, we'll be looking at some of those players who helped, and hurt, their stock. Or maybe the show will devolve into endless Jaguar talk or things entirely not related to the topic of the combine/draft, or even the... more

And just like that, after a week layoff we're back with stuff to talk about. This week will begin a long string of draft-related shows. This week we'll probably take a look at the combine as well as having some of TGP's draft experts on to discuss a... more

Well, that was depressing. And because of it, I will now rant for probably the entirety of the show. Should be a good one!

For real this time. Hopefully... My nightmare Super Bowl has finally arrived. Join us as we recap the conference championships, preview the Super Bowl, talk legacies, or maybe do none of that and instead talk about something unrelated... more