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Once again, the intent was to cover an a division that was actually interesting this week. Instead, we're going to cover another division that's largely uninteresting. Though I can't really hate on the NFC South, because at least this will be more... more

So I lied. Instead of covering an interesting division, we're going to cover another uninteresting one in the NFC West. Not that it's necessarily a bad division, just that pretty much no one cares about it. Maybe next week will be better.

Well, the offseason certainly didn't last long, at least in regards to this radio show. Gone are the random offseason shows, and in their place are legit shows. At least that's the idea. I'm sure this one will be random, but that's to be... more

Talking some NBA Finals action, some E3 action, and whatever else comes up as a topic to be discussed. Sports and video games; great combo or greatest combo?

We're back after a two week hiatus, and still as unorganized as ever. Might talk about a little bit of everything, or as is more likely, I'll probably talk about nothing of importance. It is the offseason after all. The perfect time to slack off and be... more

The continuation of our online poker tourney, and whatever else we decide to talk about.

So this one should be fun. We'll be discussing a little bit of Deflategate, and we'll be playing poker during the show. How does the visual game of poker translate to the aural medium of radio? I have no idea, but we're going to find... more

The NFL offseason has now officially arrived, so the show will begin to shift to more random topics. For tonight, we'll probably talk some Brady, torn ACLs, and finish up our draft discussion.

Finishing up our discussion on this year's NFL draft.. Only one shot at this so this show is going to be chock full of goodness.

A TGP Radio double-dip! Finishing up our discussion on the draft action up to this point, as well as whatever other topic comes up.