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Vince in the Bay

Disorderly Conduct


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Call in show broadcasting in Northern California. QUOTES: "the howard stern of the hackers/nerds" - Sabu "Your show is a bigger freak show than @BarrettBrownLOL's topless tinychats. I'd rather watch The Gong Show dubbed in Spanish." - Ron Brynaert "Unmute me!" - Hammurabi's Code "most of vinces fan base are young and their tiny minds have the attention span of pidgeons" - Motormouth News "Shut up faggot!" - Asshurtmacfags "I'm 12. What is this?" - Charrie Wongz "Dear Jesus, please give Vince testicular cancer. Amen." - The One Angry Jew "If you want to hear epic stupidity, tune into Vince in the Bay radio program. EPIC. - @Uppity1 "My chocolate is dark." - CrappyAirBags "PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!" - ShadowDXS "WUT!" - Shm00p "Just tried to give Vine in the Bay another listen. Six people talking over each other & saying "Solidarity" every 3 mins.Holy shit that sucked" - Joe Prich "Yay!" - AnonyBear "Sheeeeeeeeeit." - Ronald Lankford "Mmmmmm… Yes! yes!!! Ooooohhhh!!!!" - Nikki Smokesalot in the green room "so its cool now to pose as my dead father to troll me? VInce in the Bay u r gainin the rep as a lamer of Emick proportions w/ Welnas dockside." - Kelly Hallissey

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Monday Night Call In!!!

It's SATURDAY NIGHT... LIVE on BTR!!! Call Vince. He will make love to you on air, for free!!!

Happy Free Ball Friday!!! Vince will take you calls and fulfill all you wildest fantasies. Tune in.

Thursday Night Call In. Vince is horny. You too? Call Vince and make sweet love with him on the air. When things cool off we will talk about current events including: Julian Assange's release, the Florida school council meeting, and... more

Wednesday Night Call In. It's hump day. Let's hump.

Tuesday Night!

Monday Night/ Tuesday Morning Show! Vince has a boner just for you. Call In!!!

Sunday Night Talk.

Call in!!! Vince is naked!!!

Free Ball Friday! Call Vince. He's not wearing pants tonight!
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