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Call in show broadcasting in Northern California. QUOTES: "the howard stern of the hackers/nerds" - Sabu "Your show is a bigger freak show than @BarrettBrownLOL's topless tinychats. I'd rather watch The Gong Show dubbed in Spanish." - Ron Brynaert "Unmute me!" - Hammurabi's Code "most of vinces fan base are young and their tiny minds have the attention span of pidgeons" - Motormouth News "Shut up faggot!" - Asshurtmacfags "I'm 12. What is this?" - Charrie Wongz "Dear Jesus, please give Vince testicular cancer. Amen." - The One Angry Jew "If you want to hear epic stupidity, tune into Vince in the Bay radio program. EPIC. - @Uppity1 "My chocolate is dark." - CrappyAirBags "PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!" - ShadowDXS "WUT!" - Shm00p "Just tried to give Vine in the Bay another listen. Six people talking over each other & saying "Solidarity" every 3 mins.Holy shit that sucked" - Joe Prich "Yay!" - AnonyBear "Sheeeeeeeeeit." - Ronald Lankford "Mmmmmm… Yes! yes!!! Ooooohhhh!!!!" - Nikki Smokesalot in the green room "so its cool now to pose as my dead father to troll me? VInce in the Bay u r gainin the rep as a lamer of Emick proportions w/ Welnas dockside." - Kelly Hallissey

On-Demand Episodes

Tonight Vince is joined by Bay Area based journalist Matthew Keys. We will discuss several stories which have developed locally over the past few weeks. Matthew covered the accidental deaths of two BART maintenence workers... more

Tonight we discuss our favorite FBI informant, Hector "Sabu" Monsegur!! Today Hector had his sentencing delayed AGAIN, as he continues to cooperate with authorities. Many have speculated that Hector is the FBI's "Agent-1" who has... more

Vince is back! After a week off the show returns with a special #InfoSec episode for those who have no clue about online security. Taking calls tonight on how to better secure you and your identiy on the Internet.

Tonight it's open lines with VITB!! Call in to discuss these topics and more: Anonymous starts new #OpMaryville campaign to support a rape victim in Missouri, last day to write letter to Jeremy Hammond's judge to ask for leniency... more

It's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!! Watch hydropowered funny cars dance through the Gates of Hell!! Also, join Vince tonight with special guests Gutts and others from Team Berserk. They will call in tonight to share all their latest... more

New developments in two seperate Anonymous related cases: Two LulzSec hackers, Darren Martyn (Pwnsauce) and Donnacha O'Cearbhaill (Palladium), learned they will not spend time behind bars for the attack they launched on a... more

Tonight Vince is joined by prison support activists Sue Crabtree (@Free_Hammond) and @allshiny (Suicide Girls) to discuss the status of imprisoned activists Jeremy "Anarchaos" Hammond of #AntiSec and Mark... more

It's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!! Watch hydropowered funny cars dance thru the Gates of Hell!!!! Tonight Vince welcomes co-host Manicorn to the show to discuss the past week's events, especially in the cyber world: UG Nazi member... more

TGIFBF!!!! Welcome to the weekend! Unless you're unemployed or a furloughed government worker, then welcome to Friday! No underpants allowed. Open lines. Call in and tell Vince everything. Express yourself!

Federal agents have shut down 'Silk Road', a billion dollar "sprawling black market bazaar" on the Internet where hitmen advertised their services and thousands of drug dealers hawked heroin, cociane and methamphetamine.... more
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