Whispers in the Dark

Whispers in the Dark


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Viktor Aurelius, the Voice, speaking poetry, stories and monologues. His hypnotic tone will leave you wanting more. Listen to his show, and you shall be enlightened.

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Lanaia Lee and I are doing something different this episode! A Simulcast with another show. Oro Shango and Paula will be our guests while we are their guests on their show "Egun and Then Some..." - VERY exciting! Listen in - this will... more

Lesa Dyer Cross will be our guest and we will have several new poems about the Pale Lady and the Dark Lord! Very Exciting! We will have a NEW story by Lady Cathryn as well! Join us and you will be Enlightened!

Amber Sky Forbes will be on our show to tell us about Goth Young Adult books that are on the market and why you should read them. A.J. Spencer returns (we love having her on our show)and we will have a scary story by Lady Catherine!... more

Another exciting episode!!! Pete Schleich from Chicago Paranormal Detectives (Paranormal Cops) will be here! I am sure he has some interesting stories to tell us about Ghost Investigations by real Police investigators! And author... more

This is exciting! We have Award Winning, Best Selling author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc on the show! She will be talking about her fascinating life (author, poet, magazine publisher, and SO much more) and her series of Vampire books!... more

This show will be Exciting! Lanaia Lee and Lesa Dyer Cross will be my Co-Hosts and there will be NEW poems from both of them. We will also be talking to A.J. Spencer, the author of the "Chronicles of Nijyee" - a new series of Vampire... more

The show was stopped due to technical issues and was restarted at 9:30. Go to "Episode 11 - Redone" to hear the actual episode. It was FANTASTIC!

Our first two hour episode. We have a new segment, NJ True Paranormal will be on our show telling us about their latest encounters with the paranormal! Lanaia Lee, Donna Marie and other guests will be on the show and Viktor Aurelius will... more

Lanaia Lee and I will premier many new poems and stories!

The fantastic work of Lesa Dyer Cross will be featured as well as Lord Sang! Plus two brand new poems by Lanaia Lee. Tune in and be enlightened.
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