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Solutions Radio is what we're all about. In today's economy, people are looking for solutions to their problems, not rehashing or complaining. They want to make it better NOW, not just talk about it. Views From the Top is a weekly radio show that takes a look at the hard hitting issues affecting career professionals, budding & serial entrepreneurs and small business owners. Along with host Adrienne Graham, guests of the show share their experiences, advice and actionable tips. They take no prisoners, make no excuses and play to win. Views From the Top is a media property of Empower Me! Corporation and was selected a Top 100 Heavy Hitter Radio Show for Small Business in 2010 by Small Business Trends. The show was one of only eight Blog Talk Radio shows selected for this honor, and one of two hosted by a woman. In 2013, the show was again selected as a Small Business Podcast Top 100. You can also catch the show on iTunes. Views From the Top is part of the Empower Me! Corporation brand.

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You're Fired! When was the first time you had to fire an employee/contractor? How did the termination go? As small business owners we often forget that there has to be a strategy in place to terminate employees who are... more

Money...Profits...Respect. Besides fulfilling needs, these three tenents are why we're in business. Even the most socially conscious business owner has to make money to keep the lights on. You opted out of the corporate world to make your... more

It's easy to get lost in the sea of content providers on the internet. Since the playing field has been leveled and the landscape forever changed, many people have taken to the web to blog and provide content. But not everyone can be... more

Well, is it? It's a given that smaller companies have to fight a little harder and wiser to get in front of top talent. And they often times feel at a disadvantage to bigger, more well known companies. But if you have the right brand strategy,... more

It might be very tempting for newer business owners to want to offer attractive discounts in order to woo customers. And for some businesses, it may work to get them in the door. But chances are, the discounts won't keep them unless you all... more

Let's be real. Without customers, you have no business. No matter how clever your product or service is, how well funded you are, or how smart your team is, if nobody is buying from you, you have NO BUSINESS. We live in a society... more

Leverage. It sounds like an unassuming practical word, yet it holds so much power. Authority, power, clout, credit, juice, influence, pull, sway, weight. Anyway you slice it, leverage allows you to make big things happen and it's... more
Views from the Top

Be Back on September 6th!

  • by Views from the Top
Thank you to all of my faithful listeners who have been tuning in and standing by the show since the beginning. I am humbled and pleased to announce we now have over 10,000 listeners tuning in. As you may have noticed, Views From the... more
Views from the Top

It's Finally Here! Well, the Website at Least

  • by Views from the Top
Hello, hello! As you can probably imagine I am just giddy about my new website launch. After much blood, sweat, tears, prayer, false starts, hard work, and yes sometimes cussing, the official website for the Empower Me! Magazine is now... more
Views from the Top

March for Babies

  • by Views from the Top
On Friday, Michael Bivins shared with us on Views From the Top that he was supporting a worthy cause. March for Babies is a wonderful cause and they are marching on April 25th. So please take a moment out to make a donation to the... more
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