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Solutions Radio is what we're all about. In today's economy, people are looking for solutions to their problems, not rehashing or complaining. They want to make it better NOW, not just talk about it. Views From the Top is a weekly radio show that takes a look at the hard hitting issues affecting career professionals, budding & serial entrepreneurs and small business owners. Along with host Adrienne Graham, guests of the show share their experiences, advice and actionable tips. They take no prisoners, make no excuses and play to win. Views From the Top is a media property of Empower Me! Corporation and was selected a Top 100 Heavy Hitter Radio Show for Small Business in 2010 by Small Business Trends. The show was one of only eight Blog Talk Radio shows selected for this honor, and one of two hosted by a woman. In 2013, the show was again selected as a Small Business Podcast Top 100. You can also catch the show on iTunes. Views From the Top is part of the Empower Me! Corporation brand.

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Well, is it? It's a given that smaller companies have to fight a little harder and wiser to get in front of top talent. And they often times feel at a disadvantage to bigger, more well known companies. But if you have the right brand strategy, messaging and execution, your company can become a magnet for talent. And it doesn't include posting on job boards or begging for candidates onsocial media either. I'll tell you how. Join me as I discuss the my four part strategy to making your company "Candidate Attractive". And I don't mean people just looking for work. But interested, talented candidates who can impact your bottom line. If you're looking to hire and expand, you might want to tune in and take plenty of notes! I'll also share how you can enroll in the Candidate Attraction System for Small Business and how you can work with me one on one. Don't miss it.
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Leverage. It sounds like an unassuming practical word, yet it holds so much power. Authority, power, clout, credit, juice, influence, pull, sway, weight. Anyway you slice it, leverage allows you to make big things happen and it's... more

I love helping small businesses grow into companies. But I get so disappointed when people overlook the obvious in diagnosing why they're not growing. There are three things keeping small business from scaling, growing and... more

When we think about investors, we usually think about a room full of guys with money to throw around. We think about the hard ass pitch sessions in which some men (usually from Silicon Valley or Silicon Alley) telling you why you're not... more

When you mention "revenue", most people automatically assume it just means make more money for the company and profits. Then they set out and try to drum up new business thinking more new business equals profitability. But revenue... more

Identity theft. Hiring a volatile employee. Lax internet security. All of these things (and more) can cause great damage to your business and your brand. The biggest mistake small business owners make is assuming that because they are... more

Doesn't it seem like big companies get all the great talent? Small businesses often can't compete on the same level because they don't have the resources, time or money their larger counterparts have. Most times, they don't even have... more

If we've learned anything over the last few years is that crisis (and mother nature) will hit you in a matter of minutes. And if you're not prepared, you could lose everything. Hurrican Sandy, Hurrican Katrina, and most recently Snowpocolypse... more

New year, new attitude, new...brand? Well it's the remix and it's time to take an audit of your brand and decide where you go from here. A lot of small businesses struggle with an identity crisis when they feel they've outgrown their original... more

Consumers are becoming more fickle and vocal about their purchases and investments. We live in an age where while there are still people who will start letter writing campaigns that may or may not ever reach decision makers in... more

"But I don't know if my stuff is good enough or if people really want it". That is what I hear a lot from small business owners and new entrepreneurs. Sometimes an entrepreneur starts off with a burst of energy, excited about stepping out... more
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