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Join Afrykayn Moon President of Breastfeeding Mothers Unite and Rebecca Artis Lactation Extraordinaire every Tuesday 9pmEST/8pmCST, starting May 27th. Tune into to laugh, cry, and be informed about all things natural. You won't be the same. "View From A Rack” is a representation of its hosts. A provocative, controversial, must-hear blog talk show. Moon & Rebecca interviews countless guests from the community; getting their take on breastfeeding, natural child birth and involving Men in the process. Moon & Rebecca pushes forward to reeducate the masses on why we need breastfeeding support and their passion will grab you and keep you wanting more.

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Acquanda Stanford is a Black feminist anthropologist, Full-Circle Doula, trained by the International Center for Traditional Childbearing and a Certified Lactation Educator. At one point not so long ago I had hopes of becoming an IBCLC — a Lactation Consultant, certified through the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, but stopped pursuing that after obtaining that CLE. I am also a PhD student of sociocultural anthropology, researching breastfeeding among people of African Descent in the US. What all of this means for me, is that rather than focusing on clinical applications and mechanics (how to latch a baby to a breast, information about breast pumps, milk storage, etc.), I focus on social theory. Breastfeeding is a biological site and serves as a gateway to explore the greater complexities around this tradition. Viewing this through a critical and holistic framework, it allows me to view a larger picture and explore areas of culture and biology, social organization, areas of domination, environment, gender, as well as community empowerment and various others via a historical, contemporary and cross-cultural context. My ultimate goal is to become a professor of anthropology and bring the culmination of these topics to higher education — as well as participate in applied work outside of the academy, and also continue to engage the general public. Even though much of what I do has become a love of my life, my entry point in this area may or may not be like others you have heard of. I wasn't placed here because I had an obsession with birth and breastfeeding, like many of us who consider ourselves ‘junkies'; far from it. Being here is the last place on earth I would have ever imagined myself. Bio copied from:
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Dr. Aletha Maybank is a young, highly respected physician on a mission. Her professional and volunteer life reflects her passion to improve the quality of health in various communities - in New York City, nationally, and abroad.... more

Kimberly Seals Allers is an award-winning journalist, a trusted authority on issues relating to mothers of color, author of The Mocha Manual™ series of books and founder of, a pregnancy and parenting lifestyle... more

Kimberly Seals Allers is an award-winning journalist, a trusted authority on issues relating to mothers of color, author of The Mocha Manual™ series of books and founder of, a pregnancy and parenting lifestyle... more

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