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All Apes special along with the usual news and reviews.
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Hurricane Sandy stories, Star Wars 7 announcement, Corporations making movies and franchises, studio politics with Disney being the Good Mouse taking over SW. 007 Skyfall preview. Plus usual inside tidbits. Note: Due to the... more

Update: Argo FK Yourself..That should've been this show's title:...Rant on Apple and Windows 8, Actors and Director's Weaver, LeBouf, Speilberg not listening to the fans, Reviews on Cross, I Robot 3D, Lincoln Vampire, Argo Big Oscar... more

10/26: Update, This was a fly by kind of test. Pease note there are a few drop outs.This was th nly was to find out if this method works or not. Nope it doesn't, LOL. Lesson learned. Thanks for stopping by to listen, didn't think anyone was... more

Part 2 of our big sci-fi special featuring "The Greys in Movies" Our Favorite sci-fi films of all time along with reviews of E.T., Prometheus, Avatar Blu-Ray reviews along with comparisions of recent Alien Flix including Super 8, Paul and... more

Note: Phone problem at 30 minutes for about 10 minutes but still on the air. But in the meantime we address the issue with BTR of the last episode, Top 10 Box Office which also includes movies reviews, we catch up with the latest BR... more

Update: 10/7 Did not know this show was cut in half so rest is MIA. Thank for listening and this show will be redone again. 007 Review Celebrating the Best of James Bond, My favorite films, behind the scenes, books, trivia and a big... more

Announcements about our Livestream shows for Roctober and Hangouts on our Google Plus page, Recap of Indy Jones, Adele and 007 Theme, Hit Girl 2 and Apes news, Frankenweenie and animation tributes, AVENGERS BOX SET... more

Did the show solo. 007 and Indy Jones connection, Adele and 007 news and songs. Youtube Adele/007 link posted below........ Recap of Titanic news. G Plus site plus pictures of 99's and closing of Colony Music store and more... more

Tribute to 9/11, James Cameron's Titanic with BR review. updates, news, worst of 2012 so far, fall preview part. 1, recap of favorite James Cameron films.. Update: Opening glitch of 5 minutes and later at the 1 hour mark for 5 minutes... more

.Worst was saved for the next episode along with Titanic review. Details: Star Wars 3D, does anyone care? Top Box Office along with the Dark Knight Rises over the $1 Billion mark then we had an On The Air Drop Out for 2 minutes... more
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