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Wyverex Wavecritter

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Easier Now To Find Our Archived Shows By Topic!!! Look Below to The Link List on Video Games and Gaming Shows! We will be discussing individual Video Games, inviting Guest speakers, How Tos, Video Games and The Family, Tips and tricks, Newbie Night, and much more... Dalton Haile aka Wyverex Is A Musician, Youth Group Enthusiast, part time PKer, and Gamer! For Some FUN In Life, Let's Play Some Video games! :) We are going to schedule shows covering all types of Family style Video Games and Gaming. Online, PC, XBox, Nintendo, Playstation, Wii, any and all. We will highlight different games, have guest speakers, sometimes just group chatting, sometimes How To, tips, Reviews on great Gaming Sites, All About Video Games and Gaming.

On-Demand Episodes

Video Games and Gaming presents Pokemon! Basic Tips to playing any Pokemon Game more efficiently on GameBoy and Nintendo DS. Pokemon FireRed Version, Gold, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Crystal, LeafGreen, Diamond, and... more

Video Games and Gaming from Final Fantasy VII to IX

We have the creator of OI (OgreIsland)! Vagabond! The brilliance of Ogre Island and its players and glory. We had a great show with Vaga and Jayce Atkins but with 2 technical difficulties, so there are two "empty spaces". We were cut off... more

We are going to go "Raw" this week with Raw 2, Street Fighter, and Mortal Combat! Raiden Wins!

This week Skater Games. From Tony Hawk Pro Skater to Aggressive Inline, and BMX XXX. The Ultimate tip for the never ending grind!

This week the Legendary Zelda Series!!! Yay! No Video Game Series More Famous Than Everyones Favorite Oldie Zelda! We will cover Zelda Link To The Past, Zelda Ocarina Of Time, and Zelda Phantom Hourglass. Stay Tuned For... more

How about some First Person Shooter Games this week like Halo 2 and Doom 3! Sounds great! Everyone can get in on the fun with a first person shooter! And an added kicker of a third person shooter The Godfather The Game.

From Atari to XBox360 and back again. Tonight we speak on the dreaded MORROWIND! An Elder Scrolls Game The Third In The series. Open Ended Game so you can never truly beat this one. REPLAY VALUE IS HIGH!

From Atari to XBox360 and back again. This week Wyverex and Wavecritter will teach you not only how to play online games better, but how to play them with your family and keep them safe while you play.

From Atari to XBox360 and back again! Which are the best starter Video Games to teach your parents or friends or sons and why. Getting comfortable with your controller and how to quicken your reflexes. Dalton will even give some tips on... more
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