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Small business experts come together with show host Cheri Ruskus, Author and Business Coach, to discuss methods that will lead to success and victories in your business. Each month the focus is on one of the Master Mind principles that are at the foundation of the organization that Cheri founded, The Victory Circles. From Defining Your Definite Chief Aim to building Self Confidence to fully engaging your leadership skills, these shows will have you thinking in new ways. Cheri is the eternal entrepreneur who herself has been at the helm of several successful businesses over the course of the past twenty five years. In 2006 she founded the Victory Circles which provides coaching programs and master mind forums across the country.

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with Dr. Joseph Cardillo, Author of the best seller Can I Have Your Attention? Want to train your brain to automatically increase its focus for optimal attention, better health, and peak performance? Listen in to the Victory Circles Radio Hour... more

Vision is what drives a business forward. Just as our eyes seem to change on a regular basis as we age – so does the vision for our business. There are a variety of elements to the whole process of visioning that need to be addressed... more

With Jennifer Bailey of the Grace Street Group Do you have a propensity for setting extremely high standards and holding fast to a desire to execute tasks flawlessly? Do you feel anything less than perfect is unacceptable? In other... more

With Laurie Taylor of FlashPoint! ?I don't have time to plan – I work 10 hour days and still can't keep up with all that needs to be done.? Is this you? Are you a business owner that is caught up in that never-ending cycle of working to... more

With Lauren Miller founder of Stress Solutions and Author of 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Stressing Out When the mind is cleared out of the non-essentials in life, including the distractions of comparisons... more

With Cheri Ruskus and Dr. Gloria Miele of the Victory Circles Thinking seems like a simple logical component right? However, accurate thinking has become a lost art form for the most part with so many small business owners running from... more

with Eleni Kelakos of the The Eleni Group Let's face it: You can't take your eyes off of a baby. That's because they're completely and comfortably present in their tiny little body, inhabiting the moment like it's nobody's business. They've... more

With Mike Michalowicz Author of The Pumpkin Plan Has your Inner Critic been playing games with you, holding you hostage and unable to reap the full rewards from your business? Join us for an engaging discussion with Mike as he lays... more

With Amy Ohm President and Founder of the Treatment Diaries We can take seemingly negative events in our lives and turn them into positives while providing a victory in the lives of many. Amy Ohm is one of those entrepreneurs who... more

A single mom with less than $6 in her wallet desperate for money to pay for her son's life saving kidney operation, Zhena Muzyka put her background in aromatherapy, a deep love for tea, her Gypsy grandmother's teachings and a... more