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Small business experts come together with show host Cheri Ruskus, Author and Business Coach, to discuss methods that will lead to success and victories in your business. Each month the focus is on one of the Master Mind principles that are at the foundation of the organization that Cheri founded, The Victory Circles. From Defining Your Definite Chief Aim to building Self Confidence to fully engaging your leadership skills, these shows will have you thinking in new ways. Cheri is the eternal entrepreneur who herself has been at the helm of several successful businesses over the course of the past twenty five years. In 2006 she founded the Victory Circles which provides coaching programs and master mind forums across the country.

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with Laurie Taylor ( Imagine your business making more money than you thought possible. Imagine your business energizing you every single day. Imagine making choices every day based on... more
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with Dr. Joseph Cardillo ( Spring is a season of surging energy and growth. Money is also a source of energy and potential growth. Best selling author and research psychologist, Dr. Joseph Cardillo, PhD will be with... more

With Lauren E Miller ( Self-control is known as a fruit of the spirit that benefits our overall health and happiness when practiced in life. Too often our habits are not aligned with our personal and... more

with Laurie Hurley ( Is there really a return on investment for social media? Join us as Social Media Strategist Laurie Hurley shares with us how she embraced social media while running three educational... more

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with Sharon McRill ( Are you consistently finding yourself short on time and high on stress? Sharon McRill founder and President of the Betty Brigade will be with us to share how we can get ourselves more organized... more

with Shawn Shewchuk ( Join us as Results Coach Shawn Shewchuck gives us food for thought that we can implement in our business. For many, success can be an elusive element in our life that always... more

with Cheri Ruskus (Victory Circles Founder & CEO) On any given day, especially in our role as Entrepreneurs, we can feel the overwhelm that comes from having too much to do and too little time to get it done. The question actually... more

with Sheila Unique ( We as human beings have such beautiful forms of expression unique to each one of us! Those forms include our physical body, but also include a non-physical mental, emotional, and spiritual... more

with Zhena Muzyka ( Zhena Muzyka was a young single mom when her son was diagnosed with a life changing disease. Learn how Zhena went from a small tea cart in Southern California to a thriving business owner... more