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Small business experts come together with show host Cheri Ruskus, Author and Business Coach, to discuss methods that will lead to success and victories in your business. Each month the focus is on one of the Master Mind principles that are at the foundation of the organization that Cheri founded, The Victory Circles. From Defining Your Definite Chief Aim to building Self Confidence to fully engaging your leadership skills, these shows will have you thinking in new ways. Cheri is the eternal entrepreneur who herself has been at the helm of several successful businesses over the course of the past twenty five years. In 2006 she founded the Victory Circles which provides coaching programs and master mind forums across the country.

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with Dr. Joseph Cardillo ( Late Summer is all about keeping you moving harmoniously forward from the rising active energies of spring and summer into the cooler, calmer energies of autumn and winter. Join us for the 5th and final part of this year-long series as Dr. Cardillo explains how to control your natural decline in energy, focus on what truly matters, and embrace this wonderful season of change.
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