Victory Against All Odds

Victory Against All Odds


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Learn powerful and strategic weapons to combat the insurmountable obstacles in your life-abuse, addiction, suicide, & depression. You'll have the victory!

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Stick and Stone may break your bones, but WORD may never hurt! Did you say this when you were young? I did. Is it true? I believe WORDS do hurt and can cut like a two-edge sword. Listen to my special guest, Ms. Kenya Howard, as she... more

Substance Abuse! Oh, what a web we have weaved. Are you entangled in substance abuse? Are you hidding behind pills, alcohol or drugs. Are people suspicious of your change in behavior? Are you medicating because of the hurt... more

Join me, Live on August 27th. 7:30pm.You will be blessed. 818-572-2919

Why don't you join me, LIVE at 7:30pm, est. You have the authority to win. Against all odds, you can be victorious. So, Let's Talk. 818-572-2919. JOIN ME!

Greetings. Join me tonight @7:30pm, est. 818-572-2919. There are those who have been through a lot. People have hurt us, lied on us and left us for dead, but at the end of the day, we still must forgive. Join me for discussion as we... more

Join me and Prophetess Karen Brank on tonight @7:30pm. Healing! Please call in and listen. 818-572-2919

Let's pause and break for reflection. Where are you? What tools are you using: have used to stay free? Let's Talk! Let's Reflect! Let's take inventory. It has been a year, already. Are you strengthened? Join me and be blessed.... more

We are having a great time, digging up the roots of suicide. Please join me as we continue digging and see what roots we find. I urge you to review the previous series so you may be on point and prepare for any questions you may have.... more

Greetings. Suicide!Let us continue our discussion on this topic. Let's get to the root of the problem. Let's dig up some dirt and uncover the "hidden thing". Please join me and invite someone else to listen. Dial in: 818-572-2919 God bless you!

We wil continue our discussion on a crisis in America, a quiet one....suicide. Let's Talk! Please join me as we dig into the root of the problem and learn tools to bring it to the surface and expose it. Join me this evening, LIVE... more
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