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Join your host, Victor Schueller, as he takes you on a journey to realize the true power that you possess within yourself! Listen to Victor's interviews with nationally and internationally-acclaimed experts who share their knowledge and tips to live an empowered and compassionate life.

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Join your host, Victor Schueller, as he discusses ways to find personal empowerment, get through difficult situations, and find inner peace and strength. Victor's guests provide insights on how listeners can live a better life from this... more
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Today's guest is "The Heart Whisperer" Suzie Cheel. Suzie is going to share her story of her near death experience and how it led to a discovery that forever changed her life. It's a discovery of self love and trusting yourself to listen to the... more

Victor's guest today is "Modern Day Freedom Fighter" Sandi Amorim. Sandi and I will talk about how you can connect with your personal freedom and use it to discover the possibilities that await you! Sandi will also give us a little taste of... more

Victor welcomes Ronald Cooper to the show today to discuss his book, How to Win in Life in a Greater Way. Ronald's book is an incredible divinely inspired anointed resource. A simple one-of-a-kind remarkable resource which produces... more

Are you aware of the obstacles that are keeping you from enjoying abundant wealth? Do you know what you can do to put yourself in a position, primed to enjoy all that life has to offer you? Today's guest, Evelyn Lim, is going to share... more

This week, Victor welcomes Joe Wilner to the show, to talk about how we can use mental toughness as a tool to become "unstoppable." If you're at a point where you're struggling to make the progress you'd like in life, or if you're feeling stuck... more

When people think of mental illness, there is a stigma attached to it, that a person is crazy, irrational, abnormal, or unstable. Today's guest, Lyn Smith, discusses her suggestions for overcoming the stigmas associated with mental illness, as well... more

This week, guest Adam Palmer provides insight into how dreaming can provide so many benefits, whether they be health or spiritual. Adam talks about wht I call "Sleep and Dreaming 101" before diving into more advanced concepts that can... more

Could the reason why people suffer be because they are "deprived of love?" Today's guest, Vironika Tugaleva, will talk about her book, The Love Mindset (An Unconventional Guide to Healing and Happiness), as well as discussing what a... more

Fear is a part of our everyday lives, but does fear really exist? What do you think? Today's guest, Tiphanie Jamison VanDerLugt, talks about whether fear is something that we need to overcome, or whether fear is something that doesn't... more
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