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Reckless 2.0


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It's black , it's brutal , it's.... BOSS.

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Mr. E will be dropping by to Reckless 2.0 to discuss his views on racism in our society today. Mr.E is a white male (suspected racist),recent college graduate and classifies himself as "conservative". He will discuss how white people created... more

It's been a rough week on the plantation. Babies flying out of windows, subhuman intelligence , and life sentences for scaring white women to death. The Negro Saxon will be back to discuss the media's assault on black males and what can... more

From the area of the world known as Chicago, Illinois, Saphiya makes a visit to Reckless 2.0. A non-white, non-black female (in a unique way), Ms. Saphiya will discuss her views on the System of White Supremacy. We will discuss the... more

"Sisters, get yourself a white man. 120 percent of black males are on the downlow, are in jail, are with white women , will kill you, are unemployed, or are just no good. Black people naturally less intelligent than whites, Tyler Perry is... more

Mixed, Biracial,multiracial, half breed, mulatto, Obama, octoroon, Quadroon, Quartermoon. These terms are sheer folly. This broadcast will discuss the utter confusion and deception behind these incorrect terms , and their devastating... more

This broadcast will discuss how many suspected racists/white supremacists complain about the "browning of America" while simultaneously advocating the bleaching and/or white washing of everything else - movies, people , styles,... more

This broadcast will discuss how White Supremacy is manifested within the realm of sports - from MMA to Nascar. We will be speaking about current racially charged events in sports news, and speak on how all non-white athletes are... more

This broadcast will discuss the phenomenon of white people falsely accusing non white people - especially black people- of any and every crime under the sun. When in trouble , just dial 1-800-Blame-a-Nigger.

On this broadcast Vickiss, DTrain, and Sax will discuss the various ways racists use deception and/or denial to practice racism/white supremacy.

Mack of the year - Goldie- makes his Reckless 2.0 debut to discuss gaming, sports, and his experience being a Belizian victim of racism living in the United States.